Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring break "trip"

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At the end of January we started talking about taking a trip to San Diego for spring break.  We looked into reservations and then after a particularly difficult day with Elliott we decided we just didn't have it in us to go.  It's not that Elliott is an extremely hard two year old, but he is two years old which means that he is not easy.  The idea of driving in a car for 5-6 hours and then staying in a hotel room was just too much.  So we decided to postpone San Diego until the summer and just go to Tucson for a few days over spring break.  Lame? Yes.  Easy? Yes.  And that's all that really matters.
Michael took Friday last week and Monday this week off from work, so we were able to spend a nice long weekend there.
Here's a recap.
Do you remember when I met tiny, preemie Clark when he was 1 week old in December? 
Well, I saw him again on Friday.  He's not so tiny anymore.
And we switched outfits. 

Michael and I also went to see RoboCop that afternoon.  We were the only two people in the theatre.  We talked to each other in normal voices and halfway through I checked facebook and my email.  It was pretty excellent.
On Saturday we went to the University of Arizona for the Tucson Festival of Books.
We met all sorts of characters.

And went to our first ever musical instrument petting zoo (yes, that's really what it was called).

We spent Saturday afternoon and evening at Josh and Laura's house.  We were there for hours, but only took one picture....Elliott and (as Elliott calls her) baby Ham (Sam) on the couch.  They could be twins.
Elliott turned 2 years 3 months on Sunday.  Amazingly it was the first time we've ever done his monthly photo shoot in Tucson.
We had to take 1.6 million pictures because 80% of them were blurry.  The kid moves quickly.

Big brother stepped in for a second just to show their matching outfits.
This is the one we finally decided on,
I just cropped it. 
We had to reward his "cooperation" with a square of chocolate.

That afternoon Elliott took his first real nap in over two weeks.  We have been having a nap crisis around here actually.  He fell asleep right after 1:00 and slept until almost 4:00.  For most of that time I was at Target and visiting with Megan, so I didn't even get to enjoy the beauty of the silence that comes with a sleeping baby.
That afternoon we went to see Ian, Elisa and Max, but the camera didn't come out of my purse even one time.
We came home this afternoon, but I have an entire post planned for St. Patrick's day, so I'm not going to include today's festivities with this post.
Stay tuned.....


Sherry said...

I like your little Tucson looks and sounds like a very relaxing and fun time for all. The way Spencer was playing (petting?) those instruments, he may be your virtuoso. All of those pictures of E are just adorable beyond words, but I really like the 3rd one from the bottom and the bottom one. He is getting too good at posing for the camera! :-)

Jeannette said...

It was so wonderful seeing you! Looking forward to the next time!

Was the book festival the first time Elliott had encountered giant characters? If so, he did really well! That kid is such a ham, by the way.

Cat said...

Love the photo shoot!