Monday, March 3, 2014

He wears short shorts

I bought some training underwear for Elliott last week.  We're not quite ready to start potty training, but they were really cute and we'll need them soon enough so into the cart they went.
It was really warm on Wednesday afternoon so we decided to take our playtime outside.  I just couldn't resist trying on the striped ones.  And yes, he was wearing a diaper underneath.

We made two ingredient snow.  It's just shaving cream and baking soda.  I didn't measure anything.  I just poured and mixed until it seemed right.

The crew from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse got hit with a major blizzard.
One more look at the cutest little tushie the world ever did see.
Later that night Ginger and Spencer were smitten with each other.

We spent the weekend in Tucson.  We went to a party on Saturday night and despite the fact that Michael and I were both in fancy party clothes, I took no pictures.
I did take pictures of Elliott playing in the rain on Saturday afternoon.  It was really cold and his poor feet were little blocks of ice when he came inside, but he wanted to do it, he refused to put shoes on, he was having fun and this is the first time it has rained in 2014.  Who knows when the next opportunity for puddle jumping will present itself.


Sherry said...

Oh yes, those little bums just look too cute in underwear. I bought Brody some for Christmas (well Santa put them in his stocking), and I have been trying to "blackmail" him into potty training so he can wear them. I kind of shamed Evan into potty training, and it worked well for him. Haha! Something tells me Brody won't be so easy...stubborn kid! This weekend I was telling Brody, "Don't you want to use the potty so you can wear big boy underwear like big brother? Big boys wear underwear." Haha! I love the little homemade blizzard. When I read about this stuff (on Pinterest, of course), it sounded like the stuff actually feels cold to the touch. Did it? I really want to try it...maybe this summer when we are "missing" the cold. And it just seems weird to me that you haven't had any rain all year when we are into the third month of the year. I am glad you got some for little E to play in. :-)

Cat said...

If you want some real snow, I know some nice people across the country who could help you out. Just sayin'...

Maryellen said...

I LOVE the title of your post!! Hilarious!!!! I also love that you guys made snow. That's super cool! Lastly, the shots you got of Elliott in the puddles are AMAZING!!!!