Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A long, busy day

Last Wednesday was a humdinger of a day.  We had a leisurely start at home then we loaded up with the stroller, drinks, snacks and a change of clothes and headed to downtown Phoenix to meet Michael at work.
Then we went out for an early lunch.
Michael went back to work and the kids and I headed to the Arizona Science Center.
We started outside with a little water play.

Then to the building block room.
I made a pretty sweet pattern.
So did Spencer.
He even expanded it more.

There was a little bit of play within a human stomach and intestines.
And a lot of giggles on the colon slide.

They threw boogers INTO a nose and had them sneezed back at them.
And Spencer totally and completely lost in his wheelchair race.
We took a little break during our flight from Phoenix to Las Vegas.
It was Elliott's first time on a plane.

We spent a lot of time at the wind table.

Then we headed to the IMAX theatre (within the Science Center) for a movie about coral reefs.  I ended up sitting on the floor with Elliott and let him watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on youtube on my phone.  Thank goodness children under three are free for IMAX.
After the movie we played a little airball.

And for the first time ever, Spencer was able to lift himself with the ropes.
Spencer, age 2, on the same seat, in June 2010.  I think the same kid is in the background too!
The "Hard" and "Harder" seats were taken each time we tried, so I was stuck lifting Elliott on the "Hardest".  And they weren't kidding, it was tough.
We built some ball runs.
Learned about weight.
And watched dust balls dance.
Spencer took a break on a bed of nails.

And Elliott kept grabbing the string during the strobe light experiment.
Then we headed to the 3rd floor for a little sand and water play.

And, finally, back outside for 10 more minutes of water play.

The kids were both soaked by the time we left so I changed both of them in the car.  Then, after a little more than 4 hours at the Center, we headed to dinner with daddy.
Then we split up.  Michael and Spencer went to a spring training baseball game,
and Elliott and I went home. Where I put him immediately to bed. 
I spent the rest of the evening on the couch with Ginger trying to clear some stuff off of the DVR.  It was absolutely lovely.


Jeannette said...

How fun! That museum looks awesome. We'll have to take the kids someday. You know, when the idea of taking them places and letting them touch things doesn't make me want to breath into a paper bag. I'm totally impressed by Spencer's pattern, by the way!

Sherry said...

Looks like fun. But I am still laughing about the facebook comment about Michael's clock always being set to going home time. Hahaha! Aren't all state employees' always on going home time? Just ask Eddie! ;-)