Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fun, Part 2

The fun continued for all of us on Saturday.  We started the day with some poached eggs and bacon....and an M&M nose.
Then we got ready and went to see a field of sheep.  I know, totally random. 
There is a big field next to a branch of the bank that I use.  It's pretty close to our house.  Every winter these sheep appear in that field.  They stay until about March and then it starts getting too hot for them and they take them back to the mountains.  We have taken Spencer to see them before and we went once when Elliott was a few months old.  He screamed the entire time.

There was no crying this time.
The sheep were afraid of us and kept their distance, but they were still close enough to enjoy.

After the sheep we headed to a local preschool/daycare for a snow day.  We took Spencer to this same event 3 years ago and then kind of forgot about it for the last 2 years.  Spencer's kindergarten friend invited us to go with him this year and we were happy to go.
You can read about our first snow day in 2011 HERE.  Even if you don't read it you should check out the pictures of little 3 year old Spencer.
We went to a snow day in a park the end of November.  Elliott HATED it.  Absolutely hated it.  This time he avoided all the snow at the beginning, then played right at the edge of the snow and then overcame his fears and went for it right in the middle of the snow pile.

Spencer had a total blast.

Spencer and his best buddy Paul.

The kids just played and played and played.  Then we went in to the preschool for a snack.
Then, a little more snow time before we headed home.

Sunday was a day for cleaning, cleaning out and organizing.  One of my monthly goals for February is to organize the work bench in the grarage.  We just kind of dumped stuff on it when we moved in and its messiness was starting to bother me.
Sort of last minute on Sunday John and Maryellen invited us over for the Super Bowl.  Michael and Spencer headed over for the start of the game, but Elliott and I went to IKEA first to get some organizational stuff for the garage and our closet.
We got there during half time.  Elliott had not napped on Sunday (despite our best efforts) and he was getting really tired.  He climbed into daddy's lap and pretty much stayed there.

And then he did something he hasn't done since he was a tiny infant.  He actually fell asleep.
I didn't want him to sleep long enough that he would wake up feeling rested and then not want to go to bed for the night, so I loaded him up and took him home so he could actually go to bed.
John was disgusted with the game so he decided to give Spencer a pool lesson.

It takes between 42 and 67 seconds (depending on the wait time at the stop sign) to drive from John and Maryellen's house to ours.  Good thing because Elliott was in full on melt down mode by the time we got home. 
I wanted to get a picture of Spencer and Elliott together wearing their football shirts for the Super Bowl, but this was the best I got for Elliott,
and I never got anything with Spencer, so this will have to do.  Just picture the two of them standing together. 


Sherry said...

Only you could have pictures of sheep and snow together in one post and make it go together. Haha! I love that places in your area provide a way for your kids to get to experience a little snow fun. Brody did not like the way the cold stuff felt on his hands and said it was "yuck" and "told" so I think he and Elliott have similar opinions of snow. They still seemed to enjoy it though. And I took 0 pictures to remember the Super Bowl this year, but I guess that is normal for me. I didn't really care who won although we were pulling for Seattle.

Cat said...

Um, if you want snow, just come visit. What do they use for your snow? I'm guessing it's not real because it would melt, unless it's cool enough in Feb that they can bring in real snow and it'll last for a few hours???