Monday, October 19, 2009

The Pumpkin & Chili Party

We went to Schnepf Farms for the pumpkin & chili party on Saturday night. We got there at about 5:45 pm and it was 96 degrees. Perfect weather for a fall festival. It did cool down to a crisp 85 by the time we left. I hate you Phoenix.

We had a stranger take this picture. Why do people always take pictures so far away? Do you really think I want my shoes included?

Zoomed and cropped. That's better. It was so dusty at the farm. You can see little dirt particles in the air in a lot of these pictures.

One of the first things we did was go on the train. We asked the people in front of us to take our picture. Once we saw it we realized it was actually a better picture without Spencer picking at his dry lips.
So we edited him out. I feel strangely guilty for doing this.
Once inside, all of the activites (except eating and picking a pumpkin), were free. Spencer chose this horse on the carousel all by himself.
It was very exciting to visit the petting zoo. I was amazed that Spencer agreed to feed the animals. This ornery old goat wouldn't take any food from Spencer though. He would only eat from my hand or Michael's hand. Jerk.
I've decided that a goat would make a pretty cute pet. If we lived on 5 acres of land.
This baby cow was the highlight of the evening. Spencer just stared at her and laughed and laughed. We had to distract him to get him to leave.
Should I be worried that my husband said he wanted to yank a handful of fleece out of this sheep? Isn't violence towards animals the first sign of bad things to come?
The highlight of my evening was the pig races.
There is just nothing like a pig in a bandana racing other pigs in bandanas. If I lived on that 5 acres of land with a pet goat I'd hold my own pig races every day. At 10 am.
Finally, the pumpkin patch.
Is Michael picking a pumpkin or playing volleyball with a pumpkin?
In Spencer's words, this pumpkin was "heaby"
If you can't pick it up, you might as well sit on it.
Much more suited to Spencer's strength.
The 4-wheeled pumpkin transport system.
All in all, it was a great night despite the heat. I feel like all of our fall adventures are really under way. We're booked every weekend until December. LOVE IT!


lady of leisure said...

That looks so fun! I can't wait til Tyler is old enough to have fun at something like that.

The Yager Family said...


Maryellen said...

I love that you're doing fall activities.

I think Spencer was laughing at the cow's utters. Utters are funny.