Friday, October 23, 2009

Flashback Friday

So I tried to log on to my blog after Project Runway last night (can you believe that you know who is STILL on?!) to write a Flashback Friday. Blogger was down for several hours. I couldn't get into my blog or anyone else's. It was so annoying. I demand that my technology work all the time.

Chelsea and Karen commented yesterday that my blog is not updating my posts in their list of blogs they read on their blogs (that was one confusing sentence). I don't know how to fix it. Wouldn't it be easier if the technology just did its job and WORKED (huffy sounding sigh)? Karen's blog was not updating in my list of blogs. I removed her and added her back and now it seems to work. That's the extent of my "fixing fancy computer problems" knowledge.

On to the Flashback.

Halloween 2003. My tonsils had been recently removed. We went to a party with all my fellow graduate school classmates. Michael and I decided the criteria for our costumes was to spend no more than $5 total. I went as a China doll and he went as a nerd. I think the costumes were fairly effective. In the costume competition Michael came in 2nd and I came in 3rd. We were beat out by some blonde guy dressed as Thor.

I don't know of many blonde China dolls, but I thought my hair was cute. And dangerous.

On a side note. It was 12 degrees (no seriously) when we left that party at 1 am. I was wearing a silk robe and sandals. I'll let you dwell on that for a moment.

Halloween 2008. Well, it was actually a week before Halloween. We went to a party hosted by our friends Amy and Joshua. We agreed to spend no more than $20 total on the costumes. Having jobs affords more privilege in the costume department. Michael was a butler and I was a maid.

Next week: the history of Spencer's Halloweens. There are 2 so far.


lady of leisure said...

Booo, I tried your trick of deleting yours and adding it back and it still isn't working. I agree - stupid technology!

The Yager Family said...

I tried it too and it didn't work for me either!! Karen!! Natalie!! What the heck!! Completely unacceptable... at work I call the tech lady and she fixes me in, literally, minutes. Who is the blogger tech lady. or guy. I'd even deal with a man if he could fix this issue!
Ha! I guess there are bigger deals in life... but I can't think of many at the moment!

Maryellen said...

I loved that you and I were twinkies last year. I also love the picture I have of you cleaning John (since he was dressed as a lamp).