Monday, September 28, 2015

9 Days

I am very behind on blogging.  First, it just took me a long time to get through all the birthday and trip posts and second, we've also been doing a lot of blog worthy stuff.  So, in an attempt to get almost caught up I'm going to cram nine days into one post.

We'll start with Thursday, September 17th.

I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  12 hours later they were gone.
On Friday the 18th we drove to Tucson for the weekend.

Michael's parents have been working on adding all of the new family pictures to their decor.

They forgot to order the new grandkids picture though.  Poor Elliott.

We ate dinner with Michael's parents on Friday night and then left the kids there and headed for my parent's house.

We walked in the door and my dad handed me a glass of wine.  It was fabulous service.

On Saturday morning I made a batch of strawberry brownies.
Then we picked up the kids and drove out to the east side of town for a get-together at Josh and Laura's house.

We got there at 2:00 pm and didn't leave until after 10:00 pm.  Everybody, kids and adults, were having too much fun.  Sometime in the post 9:00 pm time frame the ladies decided to do selfies.  Because, you know, all of our husbands were right there to take a picture.

We drove home on Sunday.  No pictures.

Heeeeeeey!  We're making progress.  I'm just a week behind right here!

Last Monday, September 21st, Ginger was her normal adorable lazy self.
Not being lazy that day was me.  Michael has been bitching and complaining for like two years about missing buttons on his shirts.  Somehow he expected me to fix them.  So, so, so sexist.  It's not like I have a list of 47 jobs that I flat out refuse to do because I'm a girl and he's a boy.  

Anyway, I had bought a needle and thread the week before.  99% of it was because I lost a button on my shorts and 1% of it was to finally shut Michael up about these shirts.

Look at that!  I'm a button sewing genius.

Spencer was reading on Monday night when Ginger jumped up on the couch right next to him.  He was delighted.

Elliott and I finally went to the store to buy him a Lite Brite on Tuesday the 22nd.  He got right down to business.

We had to go into the closet to get the full effect.
I also set up a little fine motor learning station for him.  He's making a lot of progress so I want to keep promoting these skills at home.
Oh, and I set this up in my room.  I bought this for Elliott's Snoopy birthday party in December but I decided that before and after the party it belongs to ME.  No kids will play with it.
Last Wednesday, the 23rd, I went to the dermatologist for my every 6 months skin check.  I was annoyed that the TS hanging on the wall wasn't centered above those cabinets.  Like really, really annoyed by it.  I almost said something.
After my appointment I picked Elliott up from school and we raced to the hospital for OT.  It was the first time we were late.  Just two minutes, but, grrrrr.  I hate being late.

We got stuck in Mesa after his appointment and I nearly died of a heart attack brought on by traffic stress.  We went to Bookman's after the appointment and when we left there traffic was just horrifically backed up from the 60.  A quick search with Viola (the GPS on my phone) told me it was because there was a huge accident right next to us and the whole freeway was shut down.  It took us a long time to navigate away from there and then I got stuck in construction traffic on two separate streets and witnessed a 3 car accident right in front of us because of the hideous traffic woes that everyone was experiencing.  I was almost hyperventilating by the time we got onto the 101.  

We finally made it out of Mesa and I told Elliott that I was never, ever, ever going back.  But, I lied, because on Friday night Lauren and I went on a lady date IN MESA.

She had two free tickets to see this:

Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra featuring Wynton Marsalis

Experience the world-reowned Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra featuring Wynton Marsalis performing in the intimate, 550-seat Piper Theater. This extraordinary opportunity is a fundraiser for MAC Outreach Programs that inspire, educate and empower young people through arts experiences. Only 350 seats are available for the concert only. VIP tickets enable a maximum of 200 guests to attend both the concert and a meet and greet with Wynton Marsalis. 

Photography was not allowed in the theater once the concert started, so we only took this selfie. 

I borrowed the rest of these from google images. 

These are the suits they were wearing.  Different colored ties though. 

After the concert, which was excellent, we went out for a drink in Tempe.  It was lovely as well. 

 OK.  I'm feeling good.  I'm up to this past weekend.  It was a jam packed one though.  As is this week, which happens to be the first week of fall break for the kids.


Jeannette said...

The pics of you and your dad are just lovely. Is the strawberry brownies recipe on your pinterest? I'll have to look for it if it is. Also, I hate sewing buttons. I'm impressed you actually learned how to do it. I refused to learn how and just do a crappy job whenever I have to do it with hopes that eventually they (read: my family) will stop asking me.

Cat said...

The brownies and muffins look delicious.