Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Meat and backpacks and woodland creatures

I'm getting really close to being caught up with blogging again.  I know I always say that and then something happens to knock me behind again.  Looking through my pictures earlier I said to myself, "I'll really have to break these days up into a bunch of smaller posts because I'm going to run out of topics."  Yeah, right.  Me, run out of things to say?

Last Sunday, the 5th, we spent the whole day at Michael's parents house since his brother was still visiting.

I know Michael looks really pissed in this picture, but I promise he wasn't.  He was just watching TV and didn't know he was in the picture.
I was really taking a picture of Elliott, I just didn't zoom in enough.  He was really proud of himself because he was laying on the couch in his underwear with a blanket covering him.  Don't even ask me why that would make him proud, because I have no idea.  I do think that this is the best picture I've ever taken of him though.
I didn't take any other pictures that day, except for dinner.  Michael's dad took a 12 pound pork roast, stuffed it with 3 pounds of Italian sausage, wrapped it with 2 pounds of bacon and then slow roasted in on the rotisserie for 5 hours.

It really was as good as it looks.
We drove home Sunday evening and prepared for the first "normal" week at home in a long time.  Michael went back to work and the kids and I were on our own with no debit card to go do anything fun because someone stole my card information and my new debit card hadn't been issued yet.

So, on Monday we went to Target and used my Target Red Card to buy new backpacks. 

And then they got haircuts.

Oh, and I also broke my own "no more stuffed animals" rule and bought each kid a new friend.  Spencer named his Mr. Ham Burger and Elliott named his Jake.  Ham has feet at the end of his legs but I had to crop the picture because Elliott wasn't wearing shorts.  He's pretty much in only underwear all the time now.  I'm surprised he's even wearing a shirt.
Right before bed on Monday night Spencer and I took his 7 year 10 month pictures.  I came up with a great idea for his shirt and the location.

A test shot first.

And some goofy shots too.

On Tuesday we went to Bass Pro Shops for their Family Summer Camp.  It's free and air conditioned.  

They have their woodland creatures carousel up and running again.

We also spent a lot of time in tents.

And shooting.

I had to edit this picture to add a giant, fake button because my shirt and the view was kind of scandalous and inappropriate.  But it's a good picture, so I made it work.  

Up next: more physical therapy, more IDEA museum, tiny bathing suits and I got to see my brother for an hour.


Valerie said...

I am sensing a pattern in your household....scandal and nudity! :) Y'all are some fun people

Sherry said...

Oh that Elliott! He is definitely becoming a little man fast! Oh I love Elliott's little Snoopy backpack. How cute! Is it bad that I have always kept control of the backpacks I get for Evan. I mean, I do let him sort of pick, but I give him options....and no cartoon characters. He does have a Skylanders one, but he doesn't use it for school. I know, I am so mean! ;-) And how old does Elliott look with that super short hair cut. I really don't like it...bring back the baby! :-) Elliott's not wearing underwear reminded me that tonight at Chick-fil-a Evan came out of the play place telling me it was getting crazy in there and that some kid took off his pants. Haha! He did have underwear on thank goodness. Oh and Brody has started just pulling his pants down in random public places. Recently, it was in the middle of the Mexican restaurant we always go to because he said he had to pee and was on the way to the bathroom. I have tried to explain that we have to wait until we get IN the bathroom before we pull our pants down. Sigh. This is a warning for you because I can see Elliott doing these same things. Is that a new curtain in the background of Spencer's pictures? I don't remember seeing it before. And Elliott's face on the carousel is just too precious. Haha to your photo edit cover up. I edited one of my bathing suit pictures Eddie took recently at the pool because it was a little too revealing. You are more than welcome to see if you can figure out which one it is. :-)

Cat said...

Yes, you did get a great picture of him. Also, don't feel too bad because I am a year behind in my blogging.