Sunday, June 1, 2014

Last day of Kindergarten

In the spirit of full disclosure I will tell you that it is 11:59 pm on Thursday, May 29th.  I cannot go to bed for another hour.  Why?  Because SOMEBODY didn't read the full directions on the cheesecake being made for Michael's birthday tomorrow and SOMEBODY started making that cheesecake at 9:40 pm, totally unprepared for the 1 hour bake time, the 1 hour in the oven with the oven turned off time and the 1 hour sitting on the counter time.  Jeez.  I must really love that man.
So I decided to use this time to create 4,000 comparison collages for Spencer's first and last days of kindergarten and to write the blog post documenting the day.  Depending on how long it takes I will post this between now and later.  How is that for being specific?  I have spent equal parts of time grumbling about how many picture I took for comparisons and about the damn length of time to make this cheesecake.  Both things will pay off in the end....the cheesecake when we eat it tomorrow and the pictures when Spencer graduates from high school in 2026. 
The last full day of kindergarten was on Tuesday.  We did not count Wednesday as a full school day because he got to school at 8:15, his graduation ceremony started at 9:00 and he was dismissed for the day at 9:40.  That is not a "school day" in my opinion.
If you've got a little extra time, you can read about the first day of kindergarten HERE.
I actually slept very poorly the night before the last full day.  I think I was worried about having time to take all the pictures in the morning while also getting ready for work, making Spencer's lunch and getting us out the door in time.  I also think I should look into counseling services for my OCD.  I think a few sessions with a psychiatrist would be helpful.
There was no need to worry, though, because we sped through the photo taking and were done in about 7 minutes.  It took a little longer than the first day pictures because we had to keep checking the list (YES!  I made a list!) to make sure we were doing all of them.
Here we go! 
The pictures from the last day are on the top and the comparison collage is on the bottom.  I decided to not include all of the old pictures from the first day too because, well, I have to draw the line at something.
(Kindergarten kids use tote bags for the first semester so we took the first day of school pictures with Spencer's lunch box)








First AND last day pictures x 12 more years of school = yep, I'm headed for a nervous breakdown.
I will also mention that I am already dreading the first day of school in 2017 when I have to take all of these pictures of BOTH 4th grade Spencer AND Kindergartener Elliott.


Sherry said...

Haha! I feel your OCD pain and anxiety! I haven't even attempted the full comparison first day and last day pictures. I think first day is enough for me. Haha! I do love the comparisons though and seeing how much Spencer has changed this year. You can definitely see it in his face! And I love that your OCD even had to dress him in the same outfit. :-)

Jeannette said...

I really do love comparison posts and totally appreciate your OCD-ness in getting this one done. He looks so much wiser. I guess it's true. You really do learn everything you need to know about life in kindergarten. :)

Cat said...

Congratulations Spencer! I do wonder if when he's 16 he'll be so willing to let you take all those pics on the 1st and last day ha ha.