Thursday, August 10, 2017


This was my first "regular schedule" week at work.  I'm working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday now.  Things are going really well at work, it's just been a very busy week.  But only at work.  This will be a quick wrap-up because there's not much to report outside of work.

I bought this pumpkin last week but took a picture of it on Monday.  Do you think it can be my only fall purchase this year? 
Ginger on Monday.   I stayed home with her the whole day and it was glorious.  I think I worked out and watched a movie.  But honestly, I don't even remember. 

Elliott wanted to work out with Michael that evening.  I think he lasted through the warm up and then left. 

This crazy bird was walking back and forth on the pool fence while I was making dinner. 

And, and we had another lost tooth!  Spencer came home from school on Monday saying his tooth was loose.  We told him to keep wiggling it and then it popped out after dinner. 

The tooth fairy spent a lot of time at our house over three days. 
I worked on Tuesday.  I was randomly thinking about meatloaf for dinner and once I started thinking about it I couldn't stop, so I stopped at Sprout's on my way home and bought everything for meatloaf made in the instant pot and spinach artichoke stuffed baked potatoes. 

I also bought Ginger a bone.  I gave it to her and she immediately went to the backyard to bury it. 

Beagle snout being used as a shovel. 
Wednesday at work I went through seven years of inactive files and removed every kid that has no chance of coming back because they are too old.  These will now go to be archived in Kansas in some sort of underground safe that stretches for miles and miles and miles.  I laugh thinking about my personal speech therapy files being added.  

And finally, I cooked purple cauliflower for the first time today. 
I made a beautiful rainbow stir fry with the purple cauliflower, onions, red pepper, shredded carrots, spinach, turkey and coconut aminos. 

I am really looking forward to a slower pace for my long weekend.  I have lunch plans with friends, a trip to IKEA with Elliott and working on Spencer's birthday invitations. 

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