Sunday, August 6, 2017

Mostly, but not totally, just pictures of purple flowers

I feel like I've fallen ever so slightly behind in the blogging timeline.  It's not even my fault.  Twice now I've loaded a full post of pictures to have them, poof, disappear.  I'm never in the mood to try it again right away when that happens. 

So we're going back to Thursday, July 27th.  I had bought FOURTEEN Pokemon stuffed animals from a lady on Facebook Marketplace and I went to pick them up after volunteering to help out with kindergarten lunch. 

We have a strict no more stuffed animals policy and look at me abiding by it so seriously.  These are going to be part of Spencer's birthday present and used as decorations at his party. 
I did some supervision sessions from home that afternoon and then did an entire glamour shots session with the Texas sage bushes by the pool.  They explode with flowers every year after we get a decent monsoon storm, but the flowers don't last long because the wind blows them off so easily.   I knew I had a short window of opportunity. 

Every year the one on the right is more saturated than the one on the left.  I have no idea why. 

I also captured a nice sunset while I was out there. 

I took a picture of the kids at the bus stop on the last day of the first week of school (Friday, July 28) as proof that we made it.   Shirts edited for internet security since they are school shirts.  Spencer has two school shirts but Elliott just has one.  They like to wear them on Fridays, so I'm going to have to pick up another one for Elliott. 
I took a picture of my coffee that morning (cold brew with cashew milk) to add to a fun Facebook post.  I was one of the only ones (of like 50+ people) to have iced coffee.  Weird.
Then I drove out to the San Tan Mall because I had awesome coupons to use at Charming Charlie's.  I parked in front of Bath and Body Works and went in to just browse.  They had ALL of the fall line out. 

It's a bit premature, BBW.  
I got three awesome tops at Charming Charlie's.  I was also in full support of the message in their dressing room. 
And their not so subtle wine glasses, because, eff yeah.   Love this.  I might go back and buy one for all the bad ass ladies I know. 
Friday afternoon there was more purple flower photography.  I think it's so interesting how much the color changed in just one day and at a different time of day. 

Spencer finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that day.  Reminder- it was July 28th.  I'm so glad I kept all of the movie tickets from when Michael and I watched the movies taped in the cover of the books, because look at the date.  We saw it July 28, 2007.  I was pregnant with Spencer and he was born five weeks later.  There is something just so remarkable about him finishing the book exactly ten years later. 

As I'm writing this on August 6th he has three chapters left of the 6th book so he'll be done with the entire series by the middle of September.   I think he started in late January or early February, so, not too shabby. 

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Cat said...

He's ahead of me. I just got the 6th book, but I have about 5 or 6 books I want to read before that which are sitting in my "to read" pile. I'm aiming for the spring at this point. :)