Monday, August 7, 2017

Fun weekend and then back to work

Chugging right along.

On Saturday, July 29th, Michael took Spencer to see Spiderman: Homecoming.  Elliott went to the play center at the theatre, but he still dressed appropriately. 
While the boys were at their movie, I went to the cineplex at Maryellen's house for our July sisterhood get-together.  She set up stadium seating, we had snacks and cold AC and drinks and it was fantastic. 

Only four ladies were able to make it that day. 

We watched Snatched.  Lauren and I were happy as can be in the back row. 
On Saturday afternoon we had friends over to go swimming.  After they left Elliott showed off some of his photography skills. 

Artistic bacon. 
On Sunday the 30th I did a major grocery shopping trip.  We've trying really hard to eat at home and to stick to the whole 30 plan, and that takes lots of fresh food. 

There was also lots of laundry that day. 

The only other thing notable is that I did more nature photography in the backyard.  All of the flowers were looking so good from the monsoon storms and there is such a short window of time before they shrivel up and die. 

These little yellow flowers are on a tree.  I've never been able to figure out what kind of tree it is. 

Technically the bougainvillea belongs to our neighbor, but they grow over the wall so we get to enjoy them too. 

These are by the pool. 

So are these. 

I got a magnificent portrait of Ginger that night. 
Monday the 31st was my first "real" day back to work.  Spencer took a first day of school picture for me.  It is my 14th school year as a speech language pathologist. 
I was in trainings and meetings all morning and then I got to work on the speech therapy room in the afternoon.  I have TWO windows in this new room.  In my 13 completed years as an SLP I have had two offices with a window.  

This is the south window. 

And the south window view. 

The north window.

The north window view. 
This is how I left my room on Monday afternoon.  So, so close to being done. 

I love that I have a definite therapy area, 

and an office area. 

Up next, my unexpected vacation after two days of work. 

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