Thursday, July 27, 2017

The end of summer vacation 2017

We had a nice weekend to close out summer 2017.  It was a good mix of staying home and relaxing and also getting a bunch of stuff done before school started. 

On Saturday I went through both kids' closets and dressers and removed everything they had outgrown.  Spencer has been wearing these shorts since, probably, first grade.  They still "technically" fit, but they are barely bigger than a 5T so despite his protests, they had to go. 
They also really had to GO.  They are pretty greasy from so many years of wear on Spencer with his eczema stuff, so they went in the garbage, not Elliott's drawer. 
He loved all of these shorts though, so I took pictures before dumping them, so he can remember them always and forever. 

Elliott took some pictures of Ginger. 

And Ginger got her nails trimmed and a bath.  She was a clean, unhappy pup. 
Spencer and I went to the candy store and bought gummy sharks to make an ocean themed dessert for his swim team family party. 

I did an entire glamour shots just in case we came in first place for the best themed dessert contest. 

Alas, this was the winner.  And I agree.  They deserved first place. 

Cute, but not ocean or pool themed. 

Delicious, but no theme. 

OK, we certainly beat this.  Right?

Nice effort on these three. 

Bizarre.  But they definitely win the Hulk theme. 

Right before we left Elliott decided he was brave enough for the diving board. 

On Sunday Elliott didn't want to wear clothes and he didn't want to take his socks off.  I let him stay out of clothes, but didn't want him walking around in just socks, so he added slippers.  It was an interesting look. 

I found Spencer helping himself to a snack in the pantry.  In the dark.  Wearing just underwear. 
Since it was the very last day of summer vacation we were forced to clear out the art/work boxes from preschool/3rd grade. 

This was Elliott's recycle pile. 

The maybe pile- maybe keep, maybe recycle. 

The keep pile. 

I had forgotten about this picture.  He did it early on in preschool last year. 

So we did a comparison. 

We did not keep these bunny ears, but I liked them so we took a picture. 

I think this was Spencer's recycle pile. We didn't get a picture of the keep pile. 
Lauren gave this stuffed panda to me when I was pregnant with Elliott.  He has recently become obsessed with it. 

She wasn't so amused with her visitor. 

But she did accept him. 
We did two major shopping trips on Sunday too- school supplies and groceries.  No pictures.  But no worries, because the next post is the first day of school and there are about a billion pictures. 

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