Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My last week of work, part 2

I saw this car on my way to work on Thursday the 29th.  It had some sort of weird wrap on it.  It had Michigan plates.  Jeannette- please confirm if this is a typical Michigan thing to do. 

Thursday was my last day of work for a month.  It was incredibly busy.  And then I found out, at around noon, that I'm going to be moved to a new office.  It's actually going to be a good thing and I'm fairly happy about it, but, ugh. Moving.  So, there are no pictures of the day because I was too busy wrapping up the year and worrying about moving sometime in the next couple of weeks. 

On Friday the 30th the kids and I went to see Angry Birds with our summer movie fun tickets.  Then we went to the mall and bought some back to school clothes.  I had an appointment to get my tires rotated at Costco that afternoon.  Michael met us there after work.  We didn't really mind the 90 minute wait because at least it was cold in there.  Because, yeah, our AC was still broken.  It was the 12th day. 

We kept ourselves busy.

Elliott took this. 
After Costco I popped over to Hobby Lobby to look for a new flag.  They were totally out, but they did have aisles and aisles of fall and Thanksgiving decor. 

On Saturday morning Michael took Spencer to his swim meet.  It was the first one he's gone to where he stayed the whole time. 

And while they were there Elliott and I were at home with the AC repair guy! 

As of 10:30 that morning our AC was fixed.  It was fantastic. 

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Cat said...

Yay! Glad you got your AC fixed, especially when I saw that 125 degree picture in an earlier blog post.