Monday, July 17, 2017

Getting to the good stuff

Last week (July 9 to 14) was pretty ho-hum.  But then the weekend was great.  And this week has some fabulous happenings too, so we're just going to power through last week and we can get to the good stuff. 


We had spent the night at Josh and Laura's on Saturday night.  We went back to my parent's house for a few hours before we headed home.

Ginger was in no hurry to leave Tucson. 

Laura texted me a selfie of them that afternoon.  They were watching a movie on the air mattress we had slept on. I texted her back. We weren't having quite as much fun. 

Spencer's eczema flared out of control after trying a different steroid cream for about three weeks.  I seriously thought I was going to have to take him to the emergency room.  But, I gave him benadryl and a bleach bath and spent a lot of time on the phone with dermatology coming up with a plan of action (that included a lot of wet wrapping), and we got it under control by Wednesday. 

These were a few of the pictures I emailed his dermatologist. 

This was Monday afternoon.  They were watching a movie and Ginger jumped up in between them.  She normally doesn't like sharing the couch with others, so it was significant.  


Tuesday was Amazon Prime Day.  I bought an Instant Pot, an infrared blow dryer, two electric toothbrushes and Spencer's medicated hair conditioner. 

Michael and I went to see Spider Man that afternoon. 

I took a picture of myself at Elliott's swim lesson and sent it to Julia and Valerie because I was wearing a nightgown as a dress and it's special inside joke we have. 

My instant pot was delivered 24 hours after I ordered it. 

Elliott and I went to Walmart in the afternoon.  As we were leaving and walking to the car this little cloud was blocking the entire sun.  It was glorious.  
I went to Kohls that night. They have all of these awesome suits in a box for men.  I should totally buy the stars and stripes one for Michael. 

After two weeks of sitting at this exact table during swim lessons this random dude just showed up and took my table.  And put his damn leg on the table.  He sat there for 30 minutes and then when his kid's lessons started walked to the other side of the pool for them.  Whatever random dude.  You were very annoying. 

The new infrared blow dryer arrived on Thursday. This thing is a wonder to behold.  My life and hair will never be the same.  

Spencer asked if I would sew up the butt of his Dry Bowser.  This is what my life has become. 
Then, after begging all week to make them, I finally made snow cones for the kids using the Snoopy Snow Cone maker. 

I froze juice in ice cube trays. 

And then hand cranked the cubes. 
This was their analysis:

Spencer: too cold. 
Elliott: too snowy.

I have another tray of cubes in the freezer and 0.0% motivation to repeat the experience. 

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