Monday, July 31, 2017

2017-2018 school year: Day 1

Can you imagine if I wrote a post for every singe day of school this year?  2017-2018 school year: Day 122.  I'm not going to, so no worries, but the idea itself is bonkers. 

July 24th was the first day of Kindergarten and 4th grade. 

Ginger knew something was up because the whole crew was out of bed early.

First, pictures with parents. 

Then pictures of parents, showing their joy for two children heading off to school. 

Then, all of the yearly pics.  Elliott was first.  He was positively awful for everything outside. 

Inside was better. 

These loaded alphabetically, so they're all over the place. 

Spencer's turn.

After pictures we drove the kids to school for their first day.  We got there just as the gates opened.  We took Spencer to his class first because we knew he would be a quick and easy drop-off.   It started sprinkling as we walked to his room. 

Then to kindergarten. 

One quick picture in the room and then we were out of there. 
We picked up donuts and coffee for our last day of eating sugar, and then headed home.

I took one last picture of the countdown board before erasing it and starting a new countdown to my birthday and Spencer's birthday. 

Then Ginger took a glorious nap, 

and we watched the latest Star Trek. 

We went out for lunch around 1:00 and when we got home we had very little time left before going to meet the kids at the bus stop. 

Success story #1

Success story #2

Elliott had swim lessons that afternoon and since it has become a tradition we went out to dinner after. 
And that is Day 1.  

There will most likely be no posting about days two through the second to the last day. But, I make no promises. 

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