Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 started as all good Thanksgivings should: with a cuddly viewing of the Macy's parade.  I'm pretty sure Spencer watched the entire thing under the blanket and never got up from the couch once.

Ginger took a nap for the entire parade. 
Michael's cousin's daughter was IN the parade with her high school band.  We had been told to watch for the red Power Ranger.  The band was walking behind it. 

There they are!  The Cary High School marching band from Cary, North Carolina. 

After the parade we got down to the important business.  Like setting out the pies. 

And making sure the booze was flowing. 

A forced and bribed family picture. 

I bought some of the Thanksgiving kettle chips from Trader Joe's.  They will be a regular from now on.

People pictures 

Finally time to eat.  My dad and brother were on turkey duty. 

I always make the praline sweet potato casserole (on the right).

Bella was not happy about me taking pictures.  She told me "NO" about 8 million times. 
Spencer and Bella love each other.  She lets Spencer do things that she won't let anybody else do.  Like talk to her and hug her. 

Michael felt like we were leaning apart from each other and it looked bad. 

He was much more pleased with this one. 
I can't remember why my mom and Dan were high-fiving, but I made them recreate the moment for blogging purposes.  Which would be much better if I knew why. 

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I'm kind of jealous of your parents' bookcase.