Monday, November 28, 2016

Scavenger Hunt

Last Saturday (November 19th) my Sisterhood group did a scavenger hunt for our monthly get-together.  Lauren had been planning it for months and months and had everything planned and saved on her computer when her hard drive got a virus and crashed.  We ended up "winging it" at the last minute and as a group created the challenges. 

We split into two teams of three people and had 90 minutes to take a picture of each challenge. Bonus points were awarded for having props/costumes and additional bonus points were given for having somebody else take the picture (i.e not a selfie). We planned on ranking all of the pictures and then picking a winning team, but after all was said and done we just looked at the pictures, had some laughs and then went out to dinner.  I have to admit that the opposing team had some really creative ideas for their pictures and might have won on that alone.  My team took no selfies though.  

I don't have it in me to do side by sides, so I'm just going to put Team 1 on top and Team 2 on the bottom.  Enjoy!


With a stranger

Christmas tree



Behind Bars


Fruits and Vegetables

With someone famous/a celebrity

(ours was Mary, Joseph and Jesus)


Fast food

Upside down

(I edited this picture to keep all of our behinds off of the internet.  You just never know).

On a slide or swings at the park

In the air

Doing a good deed 

(we picked up dog poop.  It was really a chocolate muffin)

Water fountain

And finally- our group picture at dinner

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Cat said...

Looks like a fun day, love it!