Monday, November 14, 2016

Family date and room re-do

Last Sunday, the 6th, we planned a family date to take the kids to see Trolls.  

We ate lunch out before heading to the theatre. 

All of the AMC theatres in the valley have converted to reserved, reclining seats.  It's fantastic. 

My shoes matched the seats perfectly. 
That afternoon we went to the park to take Spencer's 9 year- 2 month pictures.  

Some were not contenders. 

And some were.  Well some were a bit more.


Ginger tried the bean bag again that night. 

She hasn't been back on since.  I think she realized it's too much work for too little payoff. 
I was in Elliott's room on Monday when I somewhat randomly, and without warning, decided to move his desk and dresser around to make room for the bookshelf in the closet. 

This is before.

This is the bookshelf.  
There wasn't room for it in his room before because we had two twin beds set up in there.  We took down the second twin bed some time ago but he was adamant that he didn't want to move the shelf.  The problem though, is his clothing.  See that little bar on the bottom left?  That's the only clothing storage he has on the left side so for four years I've been moving his winter shirts to the right when it's winter and his summer shirts to the right when it's anything but winter.  But, I'm tired of doing that and his clothes are getting too big to fit on the left. 
So, the bookshelf is now in the room, the furniture is rearranged, everything on the walls that needed to be moved is moved and I love it.  Elliott hates it. 

It really does work.  And looks so much better. 

And look at all this space we have on the left side of the closet now.  I also went through his winter shirts and took out everything too small.  It was a lot. 

No bookshelf in the closet also means that toys can be kept in there.  
Last Monday night the kids went after each other with nap mats.  It was all fun and wrestly games until one of them hurt the other and they both ended up in tears. 

On Tuesday I wore my patriotic jewelry for election day. 

And made muffins for dinner.  This was pre-being bitch slapped repeatedly with the devastating-to-anyone but-white-men (and still devastating to a lot of white men) election results. 
We went on a walk on Tuesday night and we were halfway back home before I realized that all the boys were basically wearing the same outfit.  It was a total accident.  Not planned. 

On Wednesday I tried soothing my broken heart and terrified spirit with some retail therapy.  It didn't work.  I did buy the 2016 snow globe though. 
I won't tell you which one I got (yet) but 1) it's not pictured here and 2) after drawing a diagram and figuring some organizational things out I did decide to go with a red base for the next five years. 

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