Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A spooky house- 2016

I didn't specifically take pictures of the house for a post about fall/Halloween decorations, but I took enough throughout the month that I was able to weave a post together.  Enjoy.

Outside during the day.  I bought the big pumpkin on the right for myself for my birthday. 
This is the first year since we got it that the spider and/or the web didn't fall down.  We seem to be getting better at this. 

Outside at night.  We bought the pumpkin stake lights after Halloween last year. 
The multi-colored lights in the background are on our neighbor's house.  They are permanent and they can change the color to fit the holiday. 

The entryway table.  I think I finally got it to look like what I want.  It took four years. 
Close-up of the pumpkin bouquet.  I used to always put a cinnamon broom from Fresh & Easy in this bucket, but since there is no Fresh & Easy there is no cinnamon broom. 

Entertainment center in the living room. 

Black display shelves in the living room, before I bought frames for our family pictures. 

After I bought frames and moved some stuff around. 

A non-blurry close-up.

Dining room

The left server

The right server

The hutch

Close-ups of the table

I ended up making a runner out of fabric and ribbon, but I don't think I ever got a picture of it. 

By the right server

Entry way bench

Spooky fabric hanging in the doorway to the dining room. 

From the other side (with a bonus photo bombing dog bottom).

The fireplace mantel in the family room. 

Top of the entertainment center in the family room. 

Close-up of the bottles on the mantel. 
The centerpiece I made for the kitchen table.  Sorry the table is a mess and the picture isn't great.  It's still up for Thanksgiving so I'll get a better picture for my turkey decorations post.