Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pre-Valentine's Day

Last week was a busy one.  We had stuff to do, places to go, projects to work on, Valentine's to make and dogs to care for.

Ginger got knocked out on Monday morning to have her teeth cleaned, vaccinations given, nails clipped and a skin tag on her eye removed.  She was still a little tired from the anesthesia when she came home.  The shaved spots on her legs are from the IVs.

They also shaved around her eye for the skin tag.
Elliott looked so cute in Spencer's hand-me-down Spiderman jeans on Tuesday.  I made him do a fashion show.

Spencer had early release from school on Wednesday.  He got home at 11:45 and we immediately loaded up and headed for lunch at TC Eggingtons in Mesa.  It was Spencer's special request.

Then we went to the Museum of Natural History.  We haven't been since before Christmas.  Nothing has changed.  Except nobody was there, which was really nice.

We worked on Spencer's Valentine's on Wednesday.

I gave him several pinterest options and he went with chips for his classmates,

and soap for his teachers (including specials teachers and the principal.).  Elliott picked soap for his teachers too.  There is no separate picture.

I got to go on a field trip with all the special education kids at work on Thursday.  I love billing for field trips.  They are the best days.  I took a picture of myself on the bus and texted it to Michael to say, look at what I'm doing with my work day.

I also like how the shadow of my nose is HUGE.  Seriously, I need shadow rhinoplasty. 
We took the kids to the IMAX theater.  These kids are on my caseload but I didn't edit the pictures because they're so dark to begin with I can barely tell who these kids are.

We worked on Elliott's Valentine's on Thursday evening.  He picked goldfish for his classmates.

We also worked on a big 2nd grade President's Day project all week.  It was a "folder" assignment with specific criteria for each part of the folder.  Spencer chose Theodore Roosevelt.  He turned it in on Friday.  I was ever so glad to send these kids off to school with their projects and Valentine's.  That type of stuff is just exhausting.

Oh, I forgot.  We also realized, on Friday morning, that Elliott had cut his own hair at some point last week.  It was very hard to photograph, but he has bald spots all over the back of his head.

I guess cutting your own hair is tiring, because Elliott took a glorious nap that afternoon.  I was at work.  This is the 2nd of 6 pictures Michael will take in 2016.  He'll take another probably in July.


Valerie said...

You are so crafty. I absolutely love the little Valentines you sent for the boys' classmates.

Sherry said...

Poor Ginger! She looks so pitiful! I assume Elliott was trying to climb the wall like Spiderman? Haha! Cute Valentines! I didn't have to do any for Brody this year, and Evan and I had to make his really late on Thursday night after Eddie and I got home from the mountains. He gave them bags of leftover Halloween candy and cards. Hey, that's one way to get rid of candy! :-) Ugh, Elliott cutting his hair just makes me cringe. Brody loves cutting with scissors and makes "projects" all the time upstairs with his kid scissors. However, he hasn't yet cut his hair. I hope we have passed that stage with no incident. Maybe my "allowing" him to have free reign with his scissors and paper upstairs keeps him from resorting in desperation to cutting his hair. And do I understand correctly that he did this while Michael was on parenting duty? I bet he was in big trouble! :-) And Eddie takes few pictures these days too. I have to make him. Sigh. Don't these guys even appreciate that our kids will want to have some memories of their childhood one day?

Cat said...

Creative Valentines. Love it.