Sunday, February 28, 2016


Last week was a pretty standard, boring, ho-hum week.  It's nice to have those every now and then.  Busy and on the go is fine too, but it's tiring and I feel like I fall behind on taking care of "stuff".

Spencer found my nail buffing block last Sunday and wanted a demonstration so I buffed all of his nails to a glorious shine.  Michael walked in during the demonstration, stood silently staring at us, left and came back with the camera.  I think he slowly shook his head in disbelief at one point. 

Elliott and I went to the mall on Monday.  I saw this shirt at H&M.  It is a somewhat decent attempt at writing in the International Phonetic Alphabet.  But, and this is a big but, IPA does not use any capital letters.  And the diacritic marks are completely wrong.  And the vowels in "don't" are highly suspicious.  I guarantee they did not ask a speech language pathologist to do this transcription.

Anyway, I posted this picture to the Speech Language Pathology group I belong to on Facebook and it set off a firestorm of discussion.  We all agree that the capital letters are unforgivable and that they were transcribing a speaker with a typical British accent.  Oh, and that the "don't" is just wack.

SLPs are rather particular and nerdish about our passions.

Monday was National Margarita day so I bought this as part of the celebration.

Elliott was more than happy to test it before lunch.

I made a Mexican fiesta for dinner and low-carb, sugar free margaritas for the adults.

Spencer and Michael were both wearing green shorts that evening.  It was cute.

\Elliott and I ran a bunch of errands on Tuesday.  We ended up at Hobby Lobby where drawer knobs happened to be 50% off.

This happened.





The whole desk

Spencer got new wires in his braces on Wednesday.  I feel like we should rent a studio apartment in the orthodontist's office. The office is in Mesa and we spend more time driving there and back than we are actually there.
The appointment was on the short side, but I still struggle to keep Elliott occupied while Spencer's in the chair.

He wanted to take a picture together but the assistant needed to talk to me just as we took this.

He occupied his time while I was talking to her and I didn't realize the camera was still on.

The zoom button on our camera is sticking and I was messing around with it on Thursday night when I accidentally discovered you could change one of the features to take a "burst" of pictures.  This is the burst that I didn't take on purpose.  It changed the lighting and filters on its own.  I didn't pick them.

And that is where I will leave you.  We did do some fun stuff over the weekend, so I will let you anticipate that for the next post and not cram it in here at the end.  I promise it will be less ho-hum.  Not awesome by any means, but not boooooooooooring. 


Sherry said...

Even boys need manicures every once in a while. Mexican Margarita Day...what a great excuse to drink a margarita. Sadly, I missed that opportunity too. And I even saw your post on facebook and still didn't participate for whatever reason...probably that I am lame. Sigh. How are Spencer's braces going? Has he gotten used to them yet? Oh Elliott, you and Brody take the silliest pictures when you get control of mommy's phones. Haha!

Cat said...

Oh boy, you may have a future blogger on your hands.