Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A big week for Spencer

Last Tuesday (the 16th) Spencer had his last running club meet for the year.  There were about five schools from the district participating.  I took way more pictures than I am showing here, but each kid was wearing a shirt with their school's name/logo and each kid had on a tag with their name, school and their grade.  I am not going to be the person that puts all those identified kids out there on the internet for everyone to see, but I'm also not going to spend tons of time editing all of them.
Spencer and his friend from school.  They were in the same classroom in 1st grade, but not this year.  They were also the exact same height in 1st grade, but not this year.

I'm not sure of the exact distance of the race was but it took Spencer about 20 minutes to run it.

It was the 16th so we also tried to get Elliott's 4 year 2 month picture.  

We didn't have enough time to really get into a good location though.
I can't show any of the finale pictures because it was going to be too hard to edit out all of those shirts and name tags.  The same is true for the beginning of the race actually.  They gave ribbons to the top five runners (five boys and five girls) for each grade.  Spencer was not in the top five.

After the whole thing was over we tried again for Elliott's picture.  The sun was just a wee bit too reflective though.

This worked better.


On Wednesday I volunteered in Spencer's class doing Art Masterpiece.  We did a lesson and activity about sculpture.  The kids were supposed to sculpt their own animal.  There were lots of snakes and snails.  Spencer's in in the middle.  He made a whale shark.
On Thursday Spencer tested for his next belt in aikido.  He's been doing aikido for about 18 months now (with a 3 month break last summer).  He went from a white belt to a green belt to a green belt with two stripes.  Now he was testing for his orange belt. 

I haven't been to any of his classes since his new teacher started in September.  His classes are on Thursdays and we have it worked out that Michael goes to work early that day so he can pick up the kids so that I can stay at work later since I go in later after I get them to school and daycare in the morning. 

Don't tell anyone, but I snuck out of work a bit early that day.  I made it up the next day.

There are lots of pictures, but not much to say about them, so just scroll.

The test begins.

Spencer picked a friend from class to help him with his tasks.

We went out to dinner after the class.  Mostly just because I was too tired to cook.
OK.  The rest of this is non-Spencer related, but it's too blah to warrant its own post.

I started staining the upper cabinets on Saturday.  I took before pictures on Friday.

This is after the first coat.
Michael did a lot of yard work on Saturday and somehow the kids ended up out there with him and then they somehow put on swim suits and then somehow they ended up in the pool.

I felt the water.  It was freezing.

My friend Joni's husband, Blaine, is a musician.  He was playing at a restaurant/bar close by on Saturday so Maryellen and I went for happy hour to listen to him.  He also paints in his spare time and painted our whole house back when we bought it in 2012.  For the first time ever I noticed some paint splatter on the side of the cabinets when I was cleaning them the day before.  I made sure to (jokingly) give him a hard time about it.

Joni didn't know we were going so I texted her this picture with the message "check this sh*t out".   Then we had a funny exchange about us stalking Blaine and being hard core drunk. 

And finally, Ginger was a totally elegant lady that night.


Maryellen said...

I was surprised to see my picture in this post!! Spencer did have a big week! Congratulations to him on his Orange belt status!!

Sherry said...

I just thought I would tell you this before I forget because I know you will appreciate the hilariousness. When I comment a lot on your blog, I have to "prove I am not a robot" by selecting from a bunch of pictures like "which pictures are mountains, trees, palm trees, food, etc." It is quite comical! I guess it just wants to make sure I am not sending you a bunch of spam...or am I? ;-)

I wish Evan's school had a running club because Evan loves to run and always runs the most laps in gym. They just had a boosterthon run at his school to make money (from us poor parents), and of course, he ran way more than the required laps they wanted him to run. They marked the number of laps on the back of his shirt, and he said he had the most. Those pictures of Elliott would have been so cute if it wasn't for that dreadful sun. The other shots were excellent too. And way to go Spencer! You looked like Karate Kid! :-)