Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Quickest catch up ever

I'm feeling tired and overwhelmed tonight.  There is so much blogging to do.  There is the double birthday weekend trip to San Diego, Spencer's 8 year old pictures and birthday presents for both of us.  But, for now I'd like to review the events of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week.  Not because anything great happened, but because it's a two minute post for me to write.  I'm just buying myself some more time before getting down to the time consuming stuff. Ha.

I took two pictures last Tuesday.  I like when Ginger lays with her feet like this.  I probably have 270 pictures of her looking exactly like this.

I made cookies to take to the kids' teachers for parent/teacher conferences two weeks ago.  Elliott decided we should also make cookies for Mr. Chad, his OT.  I figured he would forget after a week, but he was still talking about it seven days later, so we made cookies on Tuesday and took them to OT on Wednesday.  The cookies were grain free, soy free, vegan and sweetened with maple syrup.  And they were freaking good.
We had breakfast for dinner on Thursday night.  I drank an iced coffee with my meal.  That is always a dangerous proposition.  It didn't take me all that long to fall asleep that night, but I woke up way more than is usual during the night.  No doubt it was the dose of late night caffeine.
And finally, I follow Sandra Boynton on Facebook.  She posted this on Thursday night.  I thought it was appropriate given that we were leaving on a road trip the next day.

You'll get to read aaaaaaaaaaaall about that road trip shortly.


Valerie said...

You are winning at this adulting thing. For sure.

Jeannette said...

I have developed a habit of a 2nd cup of (usually 1/2 - 2/3 caff) coffee in the afternoon somewhere between 3-5 pm, but coffee at dinner? Girl, you're a rebel. I would totally do the same thing for breakfast at dinner though. Just seems right.