Thursday, September 24, 2015

Finally back to boring

After an extended period of so much to do (trip, party prep, party) it was nice to have a few days of ho-hum, every day boringness last week.

The day after the party we arranged all of the Star Wars characters on Spencer's shelf in his room.  They've never all been displayed before, and they actually still are not because they don't all fit.
I worked on Monday the 14th because Friday the 18th was a holiday at my school.  Michael texted me this picture.  Elliott has become very fond of the puzzle of the United States that we have and he pointed to this sun beam and said, "look, it's like Maine."

Elliott and I got the car washed on Tuesday.

We also went out for breakfast for dinner that night.  The gremlins got a hold of the first photo.

The kids before school on Wednesday.
I took some more unauthorized pictures of Mr. Chad in OT on Wednesday.  He let Elliott work with the pegs on a lite brite.  It was hard to not push them both aside and take over the pegs for my own enjoyment.

Elliott struggled with the pegs at first but caught on really quickly.

His finished masterpiece.

Elliott was 3 years 9 months old last Wednesday.  In a short 3 months he will be four.  FOUR!  Do you understand? Four!!!!

We decided to do a photo shoot in the park after Spencer's soccer camp.  Again, I struggled with shadows and the sun and lighting.  Just this week I finally figured out how to take it off auto flash and change it to always flash.  I think that's going to help.

Elliott had a big scratch on his nose.  He just woke up with it one day, presumably from scratching himself in his sleep.  It's healed now, but there is actually a little faint scar left behind.  Jeez.  What kind of claws does this kid have?  I left it in the official picture too.  I thought about editing it, but, it's really what he looked like, so......


Right after we took those pictures we found an empty bird's egg.

Then we played on the zip lines.  Elliott went in the swing zip line and Spencer on the rope zip line.

Up next: the rest of last week.  And then I will be almost caught up, just in time for the beginning of fall break and the beginning of the busy "from October to the end of the year Holiday Season".


Valerie said...

Those zip lines look like so much fun!!!! Seriously, Elliott is a little smarty pants realizing that shadow looks like Maine. Just amazing!

jess said...

you've got such cute kids!!! a sun/photography suggestion.... early in the morning or just before sunset are the easiest times to get good light! put the sun behind the kids so it's not in their eyes and see if that's any better for you. midday is hard because you get that harsh overhead light and that makes lots of shadows and squinty faces. (Obviously i know you can't always plan for that... but when i do pictures of my friend's kids that when i try to shoot!) sorry if this seems snooty/obnoxious!

Jeannette said...

That zip line is so cool! You know what strikes me about your breakfast for dinner photo? Not the gremlins one, but the other one. There are 4 bona fide meals there; all approximately the same size (I assume the smiley face pancake was Michael's, right?). You are a full fledged family of 4. Wow.