Monday, September 21, 2015

Back to reality

The problem with going to San Diego for a double birthday holiday weekend is that the birthdays end, the holiday weekend ends and you have to come home and go back to reality.

Michael went to work and Spencer went to school on Tuesday the 8th.  Elliott and I were home.  We did something.  I'm not sure what. Probably 1 million loads of laundry.

I took a picture of all of Spencer's presents before I started putting them away.
We also got both of the kids' school pictures back.  Spencer's came home in his backpack, but we had to have Elliott's mailed because apparently we missed the backpack ordering and had to do online ordering.  Spencer's picture will go on the wall in the hallway until the end of time, but Elliott's will just be in the frame on the shelf until next year.
We had OT on Wednesday morning.  I felt like we always did the same thing every single week in PT, but Mr. Chad changes his sessions each week.  It's a lot more fun.   I also hope that Mr. Chad is not blog savvy because I've taken a lot of unauthorized photos of him. 

Scooter board and puzzle pieces in the hallway.
The puzzle pieces were pretend oreo cookies that each had a different shape inside.  Elliott had to scooter board back and forth to get the pieces and match them together.
He knew every shape (including HEXAGON!!!) except crescent.  He called it a moon though, and that should count for half credit.  Since this session every time he sees a crescent he calls it, "Mr. Chad said that is a crescent."

We're using this handy little band to develop the correct tripod grasp.

It helped immediately and in just a few days Elliott's grasp is much more mature.
This guy was outside of the rehab department.  He was seriously trying to run into the automatic double doors into the lobby.

On Wednesday afternoon we went to the party store and Walmart to get stuff for Spencer's birthday party.  There was a surprising lack of actual Star Wars party supplies like plates and napkins.  We had to settle for Star Wars Rebels, which is just not the same.

Stuff for the party favors.
We went to bed on Wednesday night and everything was great until 3:45 am when Elliott started screaming like he was being burned alive.  I ran down the hallway and into his room where I found him laying on the floor.  He had somehow climbed over the railing in his sleep and fallen out of bed.  It wasn't until Thursday morning that I realized the corner of his dresser had cut the crap out of his back as he fell.  I tucked him into bed and he was asleep within 1 minute.  I, on the other hand, had to lay in bed and regulate my breathing and adrenaline and cortisone levels for a good 39 minutes.  There is just no preparing any parent for that middle of the night screaming.
I worked on Thursday and Friday.  We did more shopping for the party after work and then I made Spencer's cake.  He had declared a few weeks ago that he no longer likes "regular" cake and he wanted ice cream sundaes.  I rejected his request though because I have made him a cake every year since he turned one and I'm not stopping now.  I'm actually planning on doing a new cake summary post after we have Elliott's party in December.  I'll have 12 cakes to showcase by then.

We compromised on a chocolate cheesecake.
I took the above picture and decided that the edge looked a little rough, so I covered it with chocolate chips.  Much better.

Up next: Spencer's 8th birthday party.  The easiest party I have ever hosted.


Jeannette said...

Is it too late for me to do OT with Mr. Chad? Because I swear they have so much fun and I could probably work on strengthening my core and improving my tripod grasp. So impressed by your little guy. I'm also SHOCKED that there wasn't a plethora of Star Wars stuff since I swear you can't turn around without seeing Star Wars stuff right now.

Sherry said...

Yeah, if it wasn't for the fact that insurance would not pay, I would say sign Brody and I up for some OT with Mr. Chad...or another cute OT guy in our area. Haha! I mean, that actually looks like fun. Not sure I could handle that scooter board though. Evan hasn't been crazy about cake in years, and he also thought my chocolate ganache cheesecake was too sweet, but that chocolate cheesecake of yours looks divine. I am pretty sure he would eat that. Well, he may not want to eat a cake with Jabba on it. Who knows with these crazy kids. Still, I think birthday cake or at least cupcakes are a must for birthdays so Spencer and Evan will just have to deal for the next few years. :-) Elliott's nightmarish back injury makes me shudder and recall Brody's similar facial injury from the bedside table in our room for which he will forever have a scar (because the crappy urgent care didn't do stitches like they should have). Sigh. Cringe. Shudder. And now, I will likely have a nightmare about this tonight.