Monday, July 27, 2015

The rest of the first week of school

I had grandiose plans to take a picture of Spencer each day of his first week of school.  It lasted through Tuesday and then my plans failed.  Oh well.


I found this shirt at Kohls for $4.  I'm kind of obsessed with it.  I kind of want one for myself.
Elliott and I had a lazy day at home.  I think we went out at some point.  Maybe to Target?  Maybe to the grocery store?  I don't even remember.  NOTE: I remembered 15 minutes after writing that.  We actually went to Mesa to visit our sitter, Dorothy, because she had surgery on her eye and can't come back to work yet.  We brought her flowers.

I found him like this after I was done working out.

Our friends Kara and Mike and their kids Kaitlin and Rachel were in town from Reno last week.  They came over for dinner on Tuesday night.
I wanted to get a picture of everyone together, but this certainly was not what I had in mind.  Holy moly, bad exposure!
We decided to set up the camera and use the timer for an actually decent picture.  I just had some issues with the centering.

You know, a lot of issues.

And Ginger's butt.

That'll do.

A quick dip in the pool before they had to leave and our kids had to go to bed.

Two Mikes in the water.

They left this Barbie.  So we now have exactly one "girl" toy.

Elliott had his second day of school on Wednesday.  He loves it so much.
I had gotten this email over the weekend and thought that this story time sounded really nice, so after I picked Elliott up from school we went to Mesa again, specifically to go to the IDEA museum, specifically to attend this story time.
The story time was to begin at 1:30.  Elliott and I showed our passes to get in and the nice ladies at the front desk reminded us that story time was just about to begin.  I told them that's why we were there and then we walked over to the story time area.  We sat down at exactly 1:30, just as the author closed the book and thanked everyone for coming and everyone got up and frickin' LEFT.

I was so confused.  I asked a woman next to us if that had been the story time and she said yes and that it had started "a little early".  So, I went back to the front desk and told them that it was now 1:32 and the story time, that we drove to the museum for, was OVER.  And that the author was gone.  They were not pleased.

The end of the saga, with a lot edited out, is that we were offered free passes, which I declined because we have a membership, and Elliott and I got our own personal story time.  Which lasted 2 minutes....the exact length of time that the other story time had been.  I don't think we'll be making any more special trips to what the IDEA museum considers story time.

We ended up spending most of our time in the tea party room.  I was wearing a dress from Old Navy.  Whatever the white fabric is that Old Navy uses in their clothing, it looks fabulous under the black lights.


I had my first day back to work on Thursday.  It was a looooooong day.  That night my cousin texted me and said he had a new app on his phone that did funny and weird things to pictures.  He did this.  It's equal parts horrifying and hilarious.

On Friday Elliott had school in the morning.  He spilled his milk during lunch and instead of wiping all of it up I let Ginger lick most of it up first.

Preschool has done exactly what I had hoped for Elliott, meaning it is wearing him out and he is napping again.  He had no interest in waking up that afternoon and ended up sleeping in my arms for a good 15 minutes after I picked him up out of bed.  

Even a big boy three year old reverts back to a baby when he's snoozing in mommy's arms.

Oh, and Ginger was cute and old looking that day.

Elliott played pirate that night.  He ran around saying "shiver me timbers" over and over and over.


On Saturday I went to lunch with some of my friends from when we all worked in the Tempe school district about a million years ago.  We are all speech language pathologists.  I love being among my own kind. 


Valerie said...

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall at your lunch on Saturday. I was so fascinated by the SLP when my dad was recovering from his stroke.

Sherry said...

You know we love dinosaur apparel over here, but I am still obsessed with Elliott's gecko shirt and think I must have one for myself. Haha! And how cute is Elliott in that pose on the table. Silly, sweet boy. I felt your angony as I scrolled through the failed attempts at a group photo. And the dog butt too. Haha! Okay, is Elliott wearing the same shoes Brody had previously? They look like the first shoes I ever bought for Brody when he was about 15 months old. It was one of the earliest posts you would have commented on in August 2012.

Please tell me they are the same. Sperry's? I love those shoes!

That story time stunk! Our library's preschool story time last 30 minutes with learning a letter, reading several books, and singing and dancing. Come join us! :-) And oooo, we could be twins in our navy and white striped Old Navy dresses. I need to see a picture outside the black light room please. And awww, he does look like Baby Elliott again in those sleeping pictures! I love it! Whew, that was quite a week!

Jeannette said...

Oh my God, the pictures of Elliott in this post are just freaking darling. I mean, no offense to Spencer, he's a handsome young man, but, and it's probably because I'm a mommy to a less and less baby every day toddler, seeing your sweet baby conk out in your arms again gives me hope that in 2 years I'll still be holding my sweaty, exhausted little man and watching him sleep.

Also, black light or no, that dress looks great on you and I would've been livid about the story time.