Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The lower kitchen cabinets

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I'm doing ANOTHER post about staining the cabinets in my house.  The good news is that I totally lost steam and interest in photographing the whole process by the time I got to this part of the kitchen after doing the island and the bathroom. There are far fewer pictures. 

I started the process the second week of June.  It was very poorly timed with the heat.

These are all of the before pictures.

The during pictures.

I can't believe I hosted a pool party with this mess in my house.

We all remember when I nearly died from overheating in the garage doing the doors.
Once all of the cabinets were done it was time to put in new liner.  This was just days before we left for Vermont.

Under the sink was totally disgusting.

It looks so much better with peel and stick tile.

I reorganized all the cleaning stuff.

And, hooray!, the after pictures.  I bought a new towel and floor mat to celebrate.

The flash makes this look really brown and much lighter.  I promise it's the same color as the rest in real life.

Unfortunately, while I love the finished lowers, they just make the uppers glaringly light.  October, when I plan on finishing the rest, cannot come soon enough.

Some side by side comparisons.

I'm not always the best at getting the same angle. 

I'm still not 100% certain what I'm going to do with the upper cabinets.  Since the counter tops are so dark it will make the kitchen way too dark to do java on the top too. 

I'm thinking about Candlelite, Brown Mahogany or Georgian Cherry.



Sherry said...

Okay this post exhausts me just thinking about all of this hard work. I love the dark stain, but I agree that it will look good with something lighter up top. I was actually thinking it would look good with an antique offwhite/cream finish. I think that would look very French country. Do you think different colored stains will give it an unmatched look? I don't know. And I have no idea how they get that antique painted look either. Haha!

Jeannette said...

I agree with Sherry that I think white/cream could actually be the way to go since it might give an unmatched look with another wood stain... OR do the whole thing java and just replace the counters? That'll be easy and cheap, right? ;)

Cat said...

Lookin good Natalie!