Monday, July 20, 2015

First day of 2nd grade and preschool

Today was the first day of school.  Summer vacation is over.  The first day of school is always very exciting and something to look forward to, and then reality hits.  The reality of, oh my god, we have to get up early again tomorrow?

Michael took the day off today so we could celebrate having two children in school.  It was nice to have him at home to help me get everyone up and ready, and to take all the pictures and to get them to school.  I'm going to be like a wounded little bird doing it alone tomorrow.

This was moments before we left.  We actually took these pictures last, but I am showing them first because it will help with the flow of the post.

Here are all of Spencer's first day pictures.  My 13 year project is coming along very nicely.

Michael took Spencer to school.  I reminded him about 65 times to get a vertical picture in front of the door.
And now, some side-by-side comparisons.  

Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade

Based on all of your recommendations I was not going to start taking all of the comparison pictures of Elliott until he started kindergarten.  I was just going to get one or two of him in the entry way in his first day of school outfit.  But then he was really sad this morning when we started taking Spencer's pictures and I said I wasn't going to take his picture. He said he really wanted his picture in all the places too.  How could I say no?

Maybe, in the year 2030, when I make Elliott's comparison book I won't be so rigid and uptight and it won't matter to me that his book has more pictures/years than Spencer's book.  I'm sure I will write an in-depth analysis post about it.  And I'll share a link to this post and we'll all talk about how it's crazy that it's been 15 years because it feels like this was just yesterday.  Good lord.  I'll be 50.

Elliott's first day pictures.

Luckily we already had an extra one of these boards.

I dropped Elliott off at school.  I hope far less people are walking their elementary age kids in to school on Wednesday, because we had to park a block away and walk and I'm going to be very cranky if I have to do that three days a week.  Spencer went to afternoon preschool so drop-off was never busy.
Michael and I met up back at home and then left again immediately to go buy a sugar filled breakfast.  This is my last sugar hurrah until my birthday.

We tried a new donut place close to us. 

Our first ever cronut.  It was caramel cream. 

And our first ever maple bacon donut.  It was too much.  Delicious, but too much. 

Ginger's back to school picture. 
Both of the kids had great first days at school, but I actually didn't take any post-school pictures.  Mostly because my parents came back from Europe today and I picked them up from the airport and then we still had swim lessons, so it was a go-go-go kind of afternoon.  

Elliott and I are going to Mesa tomorrow and then we have friends visiting in the afternoon.  Fun times.


Valerie said...

So glad the first day went well. I hope Elliott loved it!!! (I have no doubt that Spencer did amazing..he's an old hand at this point).

Jeannette said...

I've said it before, but I'll say it again, I just can't wait for the "My first day of 7th grade" board pic. I can already imagine the angst. ;)

I love that Elliott wants his picture taken now. Life gets so much easier when you're not having to beg and bribe to get the required pictures.

Kudos to you and Michael for having 2 in school and celebrating it right! :)

Sherry said...

You had better be glad you took Elliott's pictures of his first day. He did amazing and was so cute in all of them! And you know you would have regretted not getting them. Obviously, I was not one of the ones who recommended waiting until he was in Kindergarten. :-) And obviously, you are not as far behind in blogging as I am because Evan started back to school 3 weeks ago, and I haven't blogged about it yet. Sigh.

Cat said...

And what do you think of cronuts? I've still never had one. Also, I cannot believe that you are two MONTHS through your school year all ready and we are only three weeks. You start so EARLY.