Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Back home and celebrating the 4th

Like I said in my last post, I had a 9:30 am appointment (on Wednesday, July 1st) with my plastic surgeon to take off the last four freckles/moles/suspicious spots on my body.  I had my first appointment in early May, so over two months he cut out 14 places.  That's 14 different areas of stitches plus one that he had to do twice because the pathology came back abnormal and he didn't get all the abnormal cells the first time.  By far the worst were these six stitches on the back of my head.

Spencer took this picture.  I won't zoom in because they're kind of disgusting.  Normally the area doesn't hurt after a few hours, but he cut so much out of my head that it hurt until after the stitches came out.
We came home after the appointment because I just couldn't handle going anywhere that day. This is the only other picture I took all day.  I love this tea towel that I bought from the gift shop at the Boston Tea Party Ships.  It helped with my post-vacation depression.
Michael came home on Wednesday night and thankfully did not have to go to work on Thursday or Friday.  We spent the whole day at home on Thursday doing laundry and letting the kids watch cartoons.  We're great parents.

This is the only picture taken that day.
On Friday we drove to Tucson because Michael's brother Raymond, his wife Jenn and their kids, Bryant, Cameron and Alyssa, were visiting from Florida.  We haven't seen them for four years. They had never met Elliott and Elliott had never met them.  

We went to dinner at Cheddars.

I recommended the drink The Painkiller to Raymond.  He kind of loved it as much as I do.

Blurry selfie with Jenn.

Alyssa had turned 8 a few days prior, so we had a belated birthday celebration.

It took a while, but Elliott warmed up to his aunt and uncle and cousins and there were lots of cuddles.

And the older boys played lots of video games.
Since everybody else was already staying with Michael's parents and they only have a two bedroom house, we stayed at my parent's house.  After the kids went to bed I made a patriotic pie for the 4th of July.


Bright and early the next morning we drove back over to Michael's parents house to spend the whole day.

We started with mimosas.

The little kids went in the pool.

And we got a lovely mid-day rain storm.

The last time Michael's brother was here was in July of 2011.  Alyssa had just turned four and Spencer was two months away from turning four.  There was a rain storm on the 4th of July and the two kids played in the puddles for a long time.

I still love this picture where I caught Spencer mid jump.

I remembered that I had taken those pictures from 2011, so when it rained this year I insisted that Spencer join Alyssa in the puddles for some awesome comparisons. 

He wasn't thrilled about it.

I had to bribe him.

What kind of kid has to be bribed to play in a puddle?

It was worth it to get this side by side though.  I think Alyssa has grown two feet and Spencer two inches in the last four years.
Before people started getting too tired and outfits got ruined and just general debauchery happened I insisted on taking patriotic family pictures.

First I had to set up the background.
Then Elliott had a full and intense meltdown, complete with screaming, crying and a banishment to the back bedroom for a lengthy time out.

It took some candy bribing to get him on board.

I had to edit the stitches off of my forehead.  I did a pretty good job, huh?  Luckily you can't see the ones on my shoulder, arm and head.

All five of the grandkids.

Playing Uno with grandma.  
My kids are not used to having to share their grandparents with anybody.  Really with both sets of grandparents.  They have always had full reign of grandparent attention.

Adult time in the pool.

Somehow Uncle Raymond was talked into doing push-ups with Elliott on his back.

And they Alyssa and Elliott.

And then Michael and Elliott.
More cuddling.  Elliott has been talking about "my cousin Alyssa" for years, even without ever having met her.  He was very happy to spend time with her.

We did sparklers and fire works in the back yard.

And then went up on the roof to watch fireworks from A-Mountain.  It was a nice show, but I didn't take any pictures.

I did capture this gem at the very end of the night.  We're only missing Bryant, but he was skyping with his giiiiiiiiiirlfriend. Oooooooooooh!

Even though it was more than a week ago, Happy 4th of July everyone!


Sherry said...

Yikes to the scary looking stitches, but thanks for the cute tea towel picture that helped to relax my anxiety after that first picture. Haha! So glad you guys got a couple days of rest after your travels. It always takes me forever to adjust to traveling and time changing. Wow, Michael has gotten to have a lot of family time this month. So glad his brother's family got to meet Elliott finally because everyone should get to meet that special kid. :-) Look at those awesome baking skills. That pie looks very professional. I think it needs to go onto Pinterest ASAP! ;-) Isn't it always funny how much taller girls are than boys at this age? I am sure Spencer will be taller than her one day. Candy, bribery, tantrums...mama got her patriotic pictures in the end and that's all that matters! :-) That's a pretty awesome grandkid picture. I know Michael's mom wants it framed!

Cat said...

Cute pie! Cheddars sounds familiar? Did I go there with you or have I just heard of it in your blogs? Also, I had several painkillers in St. John. They were delicious so I tried one in Massachusetts recently, what a letdown! So add Arizona painkiller to our to do list lol