Thursday, July 30, 2015

A poorly photographed week

Poorly photographed in the number of pictures taken, not poorly photographed in the quality of the pictures.

I went back to work last week, but only worked one day, Thursday.  This week I worked Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Working three out of four days is not advised and has, obviously, been too much for me to handle.  Starting next week I will be on my regular Thursday and Friday schedule with five day "weekends".  Much more to my liking. 

We started Sunday with Ginger being her normal glorious, beautiful and lazy self.  She has quit laying on both the big chair and the love seat so we took the sheets off of those, but she's still a big fan of the couch.  The sheet remains for now.   

I told the kids that we finally had a toy just for Ginger.  Nobody was very amused.
Elisa was doing an airport run that afternoon so she came up from Tucson early and had brunch with us.  I got to see baby Theo again and everybody else got to meet him for the first time.

Here is a comparison of baby Theo at two days (on the left) and two months and two days (on the right).  This is also a comparison of me with freshly washed and styled hair and a full face of make-up (on the left) and unwashed, unstyled hair and no make-up (on the right).
On Sunday afternoon we let the kids play Mario for way longer than sane parents would have.
We were going to start working on replacing the liner in the pantry, until we realized we only had enough for this one little strip.  We did it though and it looks great.  Which you'll have to take my word for, because there is no "after" picture.
On Monday night I made this gourmet salad for dinner.  I mean, really, look at this thing.  It belongs in Bon Appetite.
After dinner and before bedtime on Tuesday I was walking towards Spencer's room when I heard him reading to Elliott.  It is so rare that they are not trying to murder each other that I had to capture the moment.

They caught me and did not react well.

I saw this when I dropped Elliott off at preschool on Wednesday.  Good thing the kid has an occupational therapy evaluation coming up in a few weeks.

He wanted his picture with Ginger when he came home that day.
I worked today, as I stated above.  I took my yearly security clearance test and passed with a 97%.  My school is a Bureau of Indian Education school, which falls under the direction of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which falls under the  US Department of the Interior.  We have to take this ever so ridiculous and boring on-line "class" and test every year to be able to get on the internet and use email.   

I also got my new ID badge, that I edited all of the confidential information out of to show you.

What in the H-E-L-L is going on with my swollen face?  Did I dine on a salt lick last night?

It's going to be awesome to wear that thing around my neck for the next 12 months. 

And now, I will enjoy the start of my much deserved 6 day weekend.


Jeannette said...

Oh, children. They sure know how to spoil a lovely moment/memory, don't they? The first picture is darling though.. and I can just hear the insane primal noises that I assume they were making as they ruined the mood.

Also, you look fine in your ID picture. It's no cell phone selfie glam shot (is it too late to submit one instead), but I have seen FAR worse pictures than that on people.

Sherry said...

Okay, shut up with your no make up face! I can't even tell the difference between those two pics, missy! :-P Yum, that salad does look pretty divine! Awe, I love when brothers are being sweet and doing something nice together. I am so thankful Brody is finally coming around with his baby brother, and he "read" him a story the other day. I mean, it was a crazy story about poop, but baby brother did really like it. ;-) And I think Elliott's little man was very bright and colorful and creative...he's a Picasso for sure! Brody only just started drawing faces and stick figures with body parts, and I think that skill is more of a four year old skill so Elliott has plenty of time.

Cat said...

I miss my four day weekends (only work PT in the summer). This five days a week stuff is rough lol.