Sunday, May 17, 2015


Last Monday I took Elliott with me to Old Navy.  I had $10 in Old Navy cash to spend and Monday was the first day I could use it.  As a reward for putting up with my shopping I took him over to the splash pad at the mall.  It was the first splash pad trip of the year.  The first of what is sure to be many.

Michael came home from work sick that afternoon and went straight to bed, so the kids played outside while I made dinner. While they were playing Elliott climbed on his trike and actually rode it.  Well, rode it as well as he could on our backyard patio.  After dinner we went out on the street so he could really practice pedaling and steering. 

He was very pleased with himself.

And I was very proud, so I took approximately 1 million pictures.

And one of Spencer.  He was too fast for me to keep up.

We rode for a solid hour before it was time to go inside and get ready for bed.
I was thinking that Elliott was older than Spencer was when Spencer learned to ride a trike, but when I looked back at the pictures Spencer was three days short of being exactly 3 and a half, and Elliott was 5 days short of being 3 years- 5 months.  So, they differed by a month, but Elliott actually did the trike thing sooner.  

And now, just for fun, HERE is the link for the blog post I wrote about Spencer learning to ride his trike and some pictures of Spencer riding the first time.  If you go to the post there is also a link in that post about Spencer turning 18 months old.  So it really is a blog post Inception.

And finally, some comparisons of my two trike riders.

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Sherry said...

Awe, so proud of little Elliott for riding his trike! Obviously, he has picked up a lot from his PT sessions. He and Spencer both look so cute riding their trikes although you know some paranoid mother is going to point out Spencer not wearing a helmet. Haha! I remember no one wearing helmets when we were kids, right? I got a stern talking to by one of our neighbors in Charlotte because Brody had just climbed onto his trike by himself and wasn't wearing a helmet. We were only outside a second and I wasn't planning on him riding. Crazy paranoid people! And Brody only just got interested in pedaling riding his trike a couple of months ago just before we moved from Charlotte. He has always preferred pushing it. Haha!