Sunday, May 3, 2015

Catching up and heating up

Since I did a lot of "big" posts last week, like Spencer's surgery and Elliott's physical therapy, I have some every day life catching up to do.

We'll start on Tuesday, April 21st.

Ginger was being silly with her ear during her 7th out of 28 total naps of the day.

When Spencer got home from school the kids were both really hot so they ran around in just their undies.  I'll be seeing a lot of this for the next 6 months.  It's the first time, actually, that they are both in real undies.  Last year there was still a diaper in the mix.  Thank goodness we're beyond that.

Spencer wore his new night shirt that night.  I bought this specifically so I can throw away some of his old night shirts.  Anything he sleeps in gets really greasy and heavy due to all of his eczema stuff.  It just soaks in and I can never totally wash it out.

On Wednesday Ginger was being silly with her ear again.  And pretty cute too.

Wednesday was also the day of Elliott's first physical therapy appointment.  He was pretty worn out when we got home. This is how I found him sleeping when I went into his room after his nap.  He had been kicking the wall and must have fallen asleep mid-kick.
On Thursday I decided I wanted to eat dinner at Joe's Farm Grill.  It felt like one of our last chances to eat outside before it gets too unbearably hot.  I like this restaurant because there are picnic tables outside and lots of room for the kids to run around while you wait for your food.  They also grow most of their own produce.

Elliott ate 3 fries and half of one of his corn dog bites.  I don't know how he manages to gain or even maintain weight.

On Saturday Monica and Rick had a party at their house.  They too felt like it was one of the last chances to enjoy some time outside before their back yard is an inferno.  This is the only picture I took.

And now I am only one week behind.  Not bad.  

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Sherry said...

Yay for two little guys in undies and no more diapers! I just love how cute little boys look in their little underwear like they are trying so hard to look like little men. Oh I can imagine how all that heavy eczema cream can be a nightmare to get out of sheets and clothes. My little cousin used to have it really bad, and I vaguely remember those issues. Oh Ginger, you are truly a little diva posing for pictures with your ear flipped back. Hehe! Yum, I love restaurants like that. I think the eating thing is one of Elliott's and Brody's big differences. I may have do with their size since Brody has always been bigger since birth, but he loves to eat. He rarely has the toddler moment where he won't eat, and he will always make up for it later. Haha! I am surprised he is not bigger than he is, but he does like healthy options like salads and fruit so that is the good part. I want those onion rings Michael is eating. Haha! And yes, you are way more caught up than me on blogging. Sigh.