Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winston Watch-2014-Week 1

Winston came back with a bang on December 1st.  We woke up in the morning and found him on top of a tree on the entry hallway table.  He brought jingle bell slap bracelets and candy canes for both of the kids. He also brought a letter for them to read.

On December 2nd he was playing a rousing game of Candy Land with some friends.

There was one of the Wise Men and his camel from one of our Nativity sets,

Spider Man,

and Goofy.
Winston has a really weak spinal column and equally weak core muscles so he always needs something to lean against when he's sitting.
On December 3rd he brought the kids advent calendars.  He left them on the kitchen table and watched from the chandelier.
I will bet you anything that Winston bought these weeks ago and then put them on a high shelf somewhere and forgot about them until it was already the 3rd day of the month.

Winston cozied up with a good book in a make-shift picnic basket bed on December 4th.

We all wanted to climb in next to him for the day.
After a day of rest and relaxation Winston worked hard catching some Swedish Fish for dinner on December 5th.

He was pretty ingenious using a safety pin and a candy cane as a pole.  Winston is crafty.
More games were being played on December 7th.  I have a gut feeling that Winston went to Ross and found this for less than $5.  He played with the new Christmas Build-A-Bears, Holly and Jolly.

The game came with an even tinier Elf on a Shelf!

And finally, Winston brought a little bit of a naughty attitude to our house on December 7th.  He teepeed our small tree!

Every morning when we find him we all say, "OH, WINSTON"!  This was a Oh, Winston moment indeed.


Sherry said...

Oh your Winston! He is always full of mischief...and our Brewster may just steal some of his ideas because he may just run out of good ideas this week. ;-)

Jeannette said...

Haha, I thought to myself, "why did the kids get advent calendars on the 3rd?" and then literally L-O-L-ed when I read the next sentence.
I was thinking about mischievous Elf on the Shelf behavior the other day. Do you think they are like the amish teenagers who go nuts when they leave the settlement for their year of discovery? I just feel like as representatives of Mr. Naughty or Nice himself, you'd expect them to be better behaved.. Ahh, musings of a sleep deprived mommy

Cat said...