Monday, December 29, 2014

Winston Watch-2014- The last week

So, how is this for funny?

I loaded the first five pictures ages ago with the intention of coming back, adding more pictures and actually writing the post.  I picked a date well into the future for it to auto-publish and then never came back to do anything.

I checked my blog last night at about 1:00 am and laughed out loud to just see random pictures with no text.

Let's finish this!

On Friday, December 19th Winston snuck into one of our bags so that he could come to Flagstaff with us.  It was genius, really.  He didn't have to wait all night in the car and we could move him around without actually touching him.  Smart move, Winston.

On Saturday the 20th Winston was playing hide 'n seek (really, he's doing that every day, but this day was even more so) with all of the Santas and snowmen at my aunt and uncle's house.  It took us a while to locate him.

On Sunday the 21st Winston hid in a container of Spencer's markers so he could make the journey home with us.  We found him in the kitchen, but he ended up in the back of the car. Once again, he picked a place where he could be moved around easily with no touching.  Brilliant!
On Monday the 22nd Winston needed to prove that he is not afraid of heights.  He was all the way up, on the top of our tree.

On Tuesday the 23rd we drove to Tucson.  It took a long time but we finally found Winston strapped behind the DVD case that Elliott uses in the car.  Smart and safe! 
On Wednesday the 24th Winston was once again showing that he is not afraid of heights.  He was zip lining with a candy cane in the living room.  It was also a perfect location to watch the Christmas Eve festivities without the threat of being touched. 

And finally, on Christmas Day Winston wrapped himself up like a present and added a bunch of bows to make himself pretty.  He was sitting close to the tree, probably so he could protect the presents after Santa left them.
Winston was gone on the 26th, but he did leave a note for the kids and a crisp $1 bill for each of them.  He promised to be back next year.......and maybe even sooner!


Cat said...

That Winston sure is creative!

Jeannette said...

Have I asked you before if Winston finds new spots/activities year to year? I feel like I have, but don't want to go back and check. Either way, I'm sure you're glad he's gone back to the North Pole for now...