Thursday, December 18, 2014

The partying continues

Michael's parents spent the night on Saturday since they were watching the kids while we were at the wedding. Everybody slept in on Sunday morning and then we went out for brunch......

After Elliott had his picture taken with some of his new Jake stuff.
After breakfast we decided it would be a good time to go visit Santa at a car dealership.  We went to this Santa last year after being fed up with the wait for Santa at Bass Pro Shop.  This Santa is also free and everything about visiting him is about 1,850 times better than going to the mall or Bass Pro Shop.

We had to check out some cars.  It is a car dealership after all.  Luckily nobody came over to us to inquire about our intentions or I would have been tempted to buy a shiny new car.
Elliott put on pajama pants when we got home.  The outfit combined with the Christmas band-aids we got to cover his staples just screamed for pictures by the stockings.

I have NO idea why he decided to touch his toes.

Later on Sunday night I went with my friend Lisa (seen in the background wearing a white scarf) to Brendan's surprise birthday party.  It was held at a hipster restaurant in Phoenix (there are ping pong tables on the patio for pete's sake) and I was way, way, way too uncool to be there.  Even the bathrooms were too hipster for me.

This is a summary of the night: there was forced valet service for parking, the food was just "eh- OK", the service sucked, Lisa yelled at the manager,  the manager was 12 years old and didn't know how to react, Lisa got accosted by a drunk girl who thought she was very elegant, there was much discussion about the ridiculousness of the bathrooms and everyone left in a funk about the horrible service.  The night, however, was still fun because of the company.

Spencer woke up on Monday morning crying and complaining of a headache.  He had a fever as well so he stayed home with Elliott and Dorothy while I went to work.

Michael and I came home from work around the same time and everyone seemed to be in a bad mood.  Spencer because he was sick, Elliott because of his lack of a nap and his staples and me and Michael because of money woes. 

The only solution was to go to Walmart to buy "A Charlie Brown Christmas" on DVD and some cold cereal for a dinner in front of the TV.

What is this craziness from my phone camera?

The movie and cold cereal helped.  We were all a bit more jolly after it was done.  Probably from the 3 pounds of sugar in the cereal.

Elliott let us remove his band-aid after a shower that night.  We decided to document his staples.

Should I save them for his baby book when they take them out?
Up next:

Elliott turns 3!


Jeannette said...

Yes - those definitely get saved!

Glad to see the gremlins came back to Christmas up Schroeder and Snoopy even more with a festive, green filter.

I love everything about that Santa, by the way.

Sherry said...

Okay, seriously, if I could find a local place for free Santa meetings to take my own pictures around here, I would be there. Sigh. And while the staples do look a little yucky, I can also tell they are holding the cut together very well. Yes, I am sure you will keep them and treasure them forever along with all the other crazy memorabilia we will keep from our kids' childhood. ;-)

Cat said...

I have heard of people needing staples, but that is the first time I've ever seen a picture of it. Poor kid. :(