Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving, plus

We spent Thanksgiving and the whole 4 day weekend in Tucson.  My parents went to Florida to see my brother, so they were gone, but we stayed at their house without them.  Before leaving for Thanksgiving dinner at Michael's parents house we took some family pictures.

This is the 3rd year in a row Spencer has worn this shirt.  It's a 4T.  I don't think he'll be able to pull it off next year though.  I don't even know if Elliott will be able to wear it.  His shirt is a 3T.

Collage Time!

Spencer in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

We'll see if Elliott can get 1 more year with the shirt.  He'll have to stop growing immediately.

One more.  I just couldn't stop myself.

We used the timer on my phone camera to take these. 

The day ended up being really hot so both kids changed into shorts later on.

Then we headed over to Grandma and Papa's so we could get our grub on.

But first, more pictures.  Michael helped me with a test shot for lighting.

The official family 2014 Thanksgiving picture.

Since Nick had also been abandoned by our parents, he came over too.

We took the customary head tilt shot.

But they both felt their heads weren't tilted enough, so we did it again.

Ginger took a Thanksgiving nap.

Elliott ate his body weight in peanuts.  That's not going to help with the not growing thing.

We skyped with Michael's brother in Florida.

And we all nearly died from a diabetic coma after eating a piece of this.

Elliott and I did some relaxing after dinner.

And Michael built Spencer into jail.

My brother texted this picture of my niece enjoying some turkey on her first Thanksgiving.
Later than night we left the kids with Michael's parents. They ended up spending the rest of the weekend there and we saw them throughout the day as we showed up for food time and time again.

We went back to my parents house and took stupid pictures.

On Friday we went to Target to buy some lights.  We looked to see if anything was on sale that we could buy for Elliott's birthday.  There wasn't, but we did find a huge mistake in this packaging.  See if you can find it.

We also braved the mall to go to Build A Bear to get new Christmas bears.  They were 2 for $15 and I just couldn't pass up that price.  Elliott's is named Holly and Spencer's is named Jolly.
That afternoon Michael and I got Sonoran hot dogs and both Hunger Games movies on DVD so we could prepare to see the new Hunger Games the next day.
And that night we went to a speakeasy with Nick.  Pictures and phones are not allowed in the actual speakeasy, so we took these in the restaurant that the speakeasy is a part of before we went behind the secret door.

On Saturday I took 1 picture.  Of Ginger.  Isn't she the cutest?

And on Sunday we drove home.

We spent the rest of the day decorating outside and putting ornaments on the tree.  I will, of course, be doing a post about all of our decorations. 

And just like that, November, and this post, came to a close.


Jeannette said...

You wrote about a lot, so this one is going to be long -

Love the shirts and especially the comparison shots. I know we've talked about it before, but it really is one of the perks of having slow growing kids - being able to do comparison shots of the same shirt year after year. ;) I'd totally meet you in Oklahoma for the hand off of Elliott's shirt next year. :)

Michael's lighting test picture reminds me that I need to post about our Christmas card endeavors. Super cute family Thanksgiving shots this year.

I saw that Black Friday deal for the Build a Bear and you are so much braver than I am, but damn those bears are even cuter "in person".

Sherry said...

My prediction is that Elliott will likely be wearing Spencer's shirt next year although since his arms already look a little long for the 3T one, both shirts might get retired...or sent to NC friends for baby boy Mattox? ;-) Brody has been wearing many 5T shirts lately. Evan has finally outgrown the T sizes as his arms and torso are way too long now. Brody can also wear Evan's old 5T jeans which Evan could still wear easily except for the length. Oh and at least you got family pictures at Thanksgiving. I actually dressed up cute and everything and am in no pictures. Sigh. Blame my husband! It looks like such a fun family Thanksgiving. I love Michael's and Nick's antics...boys, huh? And oh that pie...I seriously need a piece of that! You and Michael definitely know how to par-tay! And I wish I had known about that Build a Bear those Christmas bears. I used to get a new Christmas bear every Christmas as a kid...I had a ton. Eddie is probably glad the bag of those got lost in my parent's stuff. Sigh.

Cat said...

What is that delicious looking dessert?