Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Jammies

It took me months to find Christmas jammies that I liked and were also affordable this year.  I'm sure I started looking over labor day weekend when Carter's first put out their supply.  Everything was too expensive, too tight (I know that pajamas should not be loose for kids, but jeez, how about a little circulation?), would only fit Elliott or Spencer but not both, or not Christmasy enough.  Polar bears and penguins are cute, but they are winter, not Christmas.  

I finally found Elf on the Shelf pajamas at Target last week.  They are loose enough, I found both of their sizes, I am OK with the elf (I would prefer Santa if we are being totally honest) and they were $12.99 each.

It was definitely cause for celebration.  And how does one celebrate the buying of Christmas jammies?  With the wearing of those jammies and a photo shoot in front of the tree, of course!

I was playing around with my phone to try to get the tree to look awesome as well as the people to look good.  I wasn't 100% successful, but close enough.

The tree alone looks fantastic.

Then I switched settings.  The tree looks less beautiful, but the kids are shining now.

It took threats, bribery and cajoling to capture this most perfect of shots.

Ginger also got new Christmas jammies last week.  Since Ginger only wears one thing her collar is her pajamas and her clothes.

And finally, just because it is funny and I don't have anywhere else to blog about it, the kids were wrestling on top of Michael while he tried to watch football last week. 


Jeannette said...

Totally darling. Also, it drives me nuts when I can't get lighting to flatter everyone and everything at the same time. You did well though!

Sherry said...

You know I love the Christmas jammies and feel the same as you about them. I have not bought new jammies this year so they'll both wear there's from last year. Oh and you are way better at capturing good pictures using your phone. Ugh. Mine are always terrible! And speaking of dog jammies, did you see the ones at Target? If they didn't want so much money for them, I was seriously thinking of buying a pair for Cocoa. They had Christmas sweaters too, but the red and white striped jammies were pretty awesome. :-)

Cat said...

Too cute :)