Monday, December 15, 2014

A whirlwind of preparation

We just finished a killer weekend.  The weekend itself will require 56 posts but the week leading up to the weekend will be pulled together very nicely and succinctly in just one post.

Last Monday I did my first volunteer lesson for Art Masterpiece in Spencer's 1st grade class.  His desk is the one with the blue water bottle. 
I set everything up while they were at lunch recess and got started as soon as they came back.  As I was passing out materials to the kids the little girl next to Spencer whispered, "Spencer's mom, you're really pretty."  When Spencer got home from school I asked him what his classmates thought of the lesson.  Did they have fun?  Did they think it was interesting?  He was all embarrassed and I told him to just tell me.  Then he whispered that they all thought I was "p-r-e-t-t-y".  He actually spelled it.  On the one hand, I am totally flattered.  On the other hand, I have been reduced to Spencer's pretty mom.  Nothing about my sparkling personality or my ability to lead the class in art victory.

After the lesson I did a lot of grocery shopping at Sprouts and Frys.

On Tuesday Elliott and I went to (in this order) Hobby Lobby, Trader Joe's, another Hobby Lobby (the first didn't have the pirate hats we needed), Cost Plus and IKEA.

Wednesday was my dad's birthday.  We sent him, via my mom, a facebook message.  Spencer thought it would be funny to include dinosaurs in the picture to remind grandpa of his childhood.

Spencer was ready to leave for school and Elliott had been up for 45 seconds.  

Elliott got a hold of my camera and took some selfies that afternoon.
Then we had his 3 year check up.  Followed by a trip to the candy store. Followed by what we hope to be his last blood draw for a long, long, long time.

This is the appointment.  He's in the 92nd percentile for weight and the 50th for height.
I worked on Thursday and there are not any pictures worth showing.  That afternoon there was a message from Elliott's hepatologist but it was too late in the day to call back  So we had to wait until the next day.  Which was awful.

I also worked on Friday.  I heard from the hepatologist's office by 11:00 am.  Elliott's liver enzymes are all in the normal range.  He is going to be completely released from hepatology's care.  I sat in my office and cried for 20 minutes.  

My parents came up from Tucson that afternoon.  We gave my dad his birthday present and we gave both of them their Christmas present.

Their Christmas present was dinner at the botanical gardens followed by tickets to the luminarias event.  We also gave them cash for boozy hot chocolate.  They redeemed their gift 30 minutes after opening it.
After my parents left, Brendan and Travis came over to celebrate Brendan's birthday.  Brendan and Elliott share a birthday.  Prior to Elliott's birth Brendan came for dinner every year, but we haven't done it since 2010 because in 2011 I was on bed rest in the hospital for 2 weeks and then I had a baby, in 2012 we had just moved and I didn't have the energy to do a single extra thing and last year we couldn't find a night that worked for both of us.

Anyway, somehow we all ended up in Spencer's room comparing our height to the Star Wars growth chart.  I am closest to C-3P0.

We got Brendan chocolate covered marzipan from Germany.  He loves Germany and he loves marzipan.  What can I say, I am a thoughtful gift giver.

Since Elliott's birthday party was the next day I didn't have it in me to make two birthday cakes back to back.  So Brendan got purchased desserts from IKEA.  Oh, the shame.  I never purchase prepared food, especially dessert.

I also got chocolate covered marshmallows from IKEA.  Elliott was a fan.

OK.  That is it for the lead up to the weekend.  Up next:


Jeannette said...

What? No mention of a glorious all afternoon conversation while you, ahem, "worked" on Friday? I kid, I kid. I love knowing more than the pictures show. :)
Also, you really should've gotten Elliott that feeding tube. 92nd %-ile is just not high enough. ;)
I have a feeling each one of your posts for the next 2 weeks will leave me totally exhausted.

Sherry said...

What a big healthy boy that Elliott has become! Just amazing! And although 92nd percentile sounds like he's tubby, he really just looks very healthy and not chubby at all. Those percentiles are weird sometimes.

Cat said...

Happy Belated Birthday Elliott!