Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A quick trip to urgent care and then off to a 12/13/14 wedding

Elliott's party ended around 1:30 on Saturday.  All of the guests had left and Elliott was playing on the floor with grandma.  He was climbing on and off her lap while she sat on the floor with her back against the couch. They were both having fun.  But then.  Disaster.  He overshot her lap and smacked his head on the side of the couch. Unfortunately the side of our couch is carved wood.
He didn't hit the couch very hard but he must have hit it at exactly the right spot and at exactly the right angle.  Bam!  Forehead split open. 

Warning: slightly graphic photos below.
 The blood started pouring out immediately.  I was standing there watching the whole thing unfold in slow motion so he came running to me.  We went to the bathroom and I held a washcloth to it.  Even though it was bleeding profusely to begin with it clotted and stopped really quickly.  I washed it and it didn't start bleeding again.

This was about 5 minutes later.
I hemmed and hawed for a few minutes and then decided that he needed to go to Urgent Care. If this gash had been anywhere else on his body (knee, elbow, shin, etc) I would have put a band-aid on it and called it quits.  But based on our previous experiences with Spencer we know that facial lacerations require medical intervention since they tend to heal so poorly if just left alone.
There is a pediatric urgent care 2 miles from our house.  I checked their website and they were open for another hour and it said that they provided "wound care".  So, we took a chance and left.  Now is a good time to mention that we had a wedding to attend that night.  It started at 5:30 and we needed to leave around 4:30 to make it.  We left for urgent care at 3:00.  Michael stayed at home to clean up.  We decided to just see what happened and how long it took before deciding what to do about the wedding.  I had a bad feeling the doctor was going to look at him and send us to the ER, in which case we would have never made the wedding.

We got to Urgent Care and saw that there was nobody in the parking lot.  And there was nobody in the waiting room.  We signed it and were in the exam room about 5 minutes later.  Good sign.
The doctor (who happens to also be an ER doctor at Cardon Children's hospital) took a look and said Elliott needed staples.  I must have made a face because he said it sounded scarier than it really was.  I told him it was fine, staples were just new to me.  I mentioned that my older son had had stitches in his lip and glue on his nose but no staples.  Then the doctor told me that Cardon Children's doesn't use glue anymore because it has such poor results.  Well, it would have been nice if they had made that change before Spencer's nose was ruined with the glue. 

Anyway.  The doctor cleaned the gash, stuck a huge needle in there to numb it and then used what looked exactly like a hardware staple gun to put 2 staples in.  We left urgent care 30 minutes later.  That must be a new record!

Elliott was not happy.

He recovered pretty well by the time we got home. Especially after we let him watch cartoons in our bed while we got ready for the wedding.

If anybody else but grandparents had been staying with the kids that night I would have canceled and stayed home.  Luckily Elliott was just fine to stay home with his grandparents.

We somehow managed to get ourselves together and out the door just a few minutes later than we had planned.

It started raining on the way and there was a gorgeous rainbow.
The wedding was in very north Scottsdale at a place called Desert Foothills.  The whole thing took place in a big barn.  I "borrowed" these first couple of pictures from their website since it was dark when we got there and I couldn't get a good picture of the outside.
I think the S and C were there for the wedding where these pictures were taken because they were not on the doors for the wedding we attended.

OK.  Back to unstolen pictures.

Waiting for the ceremony to begin.

The groomsmen and the groom, Andy, on the left.


The dogs walking up the aisle.

Here comes the bride, Kristi!  

They signed the marriage certificate on each other's backs!

After the ceremony we walked around and I took the customary pictures expected from a dedicated blogger.

This was the seating chart.  It was really cool.  I covered all the names with snowflakes though, for the sake of internet anonymity.

The party favors.  Glitter dipped bottles of champagne.  I think we'll save ours for New Years Eve.

Our table.  

I wanted to steal the chargers.  I didn't.

Then we got to chat with the bride a bit.  I asked Michael to take our picture because I wanted to get a good picture of Kristi's awesome dress.

Well, sometimes if you want something done right ya gotta do it yourself.

Then the reception started!

Cake cutting

Look at what my camera did with the lighting.  How weird and cool is that?

We had drinks.  We ate dinner.  We chatted with fellow guests.  We had cake. And then exhaustion hit.  I went from fine to comatose in about 5 minutes.  It might, *might* have something to do with my 5 hours of sleep on Thursday, 5 hours of sleep on Friday, throwing a dinner party and birthday party back-to-back and having a medical emergency.  So, we bid adieu at about 9:30 and were at home and in bed by 10:15.  And then..........nobody in the entire house woke up before 8:45 am the next day.  Good lord it was glorious!


Jeannette said...

1st half - that poor boy. You can just tell how miserable he was with the experience. How long do the staples stay in?

Gorgeous wedding and that sunset - wow! Glad the camera gremlins decided to let that one be. ;) Did you know their colors when you chose what dress to wear?

Sherry said...

Ugh, that cut looks exactly the same size and depth of Brody's cheek. I wish I had known before about the terrible healing with glue. Hindsight is 20/20, but I will know next time and will request stitches or staples. Sigh. And yes, head cuts bleed so terribly and look super scary although they clot pretty quickly. I hate that Spencer's nose and Brody's cheeks will forever bear the scars of the inapt use of glue. I knew after they did Brody's that it just did not look like it was closed very tight, but his was my first experience ever with a deep cut. Evan never had anything like that...just bumps and bruises. Oh a brighter note, what an awesome date for a wedding! :-)

Corine Traina said...

Dealing with small kids and injuries can be a scary ordeal. Especially bleeding injuries around the head area. We were in a similar situation with my niece. We didn't have anywhere else to go that day, though. Our main concern was getting her to an emergency room and getting her treated as fast as possible. Thank God for urgent care facilities.

Corine Traina @ U.S. HealthWorks San Jose