Thursday, June 19, 2014

Festivities for Fathers

We spent Father's Day weekend in Tucson.  We haven't been since Easter (not counting the couple of hours we were there to pick up the kids the weekend we hosted Monica's shower) and we're not going again until probably August, so we enjoyed our time being there.
We got Elliott up really early on Saturday so that he would be assured to take a good nap that afternoon.  And oh how he slept.  It was glorious.
It was critical that he sleep because we spent the afternoon and evening at Laura and Josh's house for a pool party.  We had such a good time.  It was so good, in fact, that I only have 2 pictures to show.  And both are of all the kids eating.
We spent Sunday with my parents at their house.  We ate breakfast and then opened presents.  I think Spencer finally got dressed around 3 pm.

My dad and the kids "played" pool for a long, long, long time.
This is my parents basement.  My dad has been collecting beer cans for 50+ years.

Michael's request for father's day was a make your own burger bar.  He was not eating well for the day.  I was.  I made a burger salad, so there is no picture of me with an oversized burger.

Michael's first burger.
And his second.
Elliott slept through our late lunch/early dinner but when he got up he was happy to join in on the homemade ice cream eating.

Ginger got a little corn treat.

Then, right before we packed up to come home we took some family pictures.
Michael was helping me test the light.

This was 2013.  Notice something?  Michael wore the exact same outfit 2 years in a row!  I also want all of you to know that it took me 15 attempts and a good 8 minutes to get this 1 picture to load, so look at it about 16 times or it will not be worth my effort.
 The dads
Right after this we loaded up and headed home.  We'll go to California and I'll go to Massachussetts and New Hampshire before we all go to Tucson together again.


Jeannette said...

I swear that first picture is of Spencer, not Elliott. He looks so big! When did that happen?

I also want to point how how wonderfully cooperative families of bloggers are. I mean, how many people happily pose mid-bite for the sake of showing friends/family/strangers/stalkers on the internet? :)

Michael said...

Thanks for the wonderful day.

Sherry said...

Big burgers and homemade ice cream sundaes...the perfect father's day food! Looks like a lot of fun!