Thursday, June 12, 2014


The cousin photo shoot went about as well as I had expected.  The boys had a great time playing with each other and I had a great visit with my cousin Alex and his wife Tionna, but the photo session was just, eh.
Before we jump in, let's go through a little family history.  My dad is Larry.  He has one (younger) brother, Terry.  My parents have 3 kids, Nathan, Natalie and Nicholas.  My Uncle Terry and Aunt Karen have 2 kids, Alex and Zach.  This is the order of our births: Nathan, Alex, Zach, Natalie and Nicholas. Of the 5 grandkids I got married first, to Michael, and have 2 kids.  You know them.  Zach got married to Stacey 7 months after me and Michael.  They have an almost 4 year old daughter, Stella.  They live in Seattle.  My brother Nathan got married to Kendra 5 years after Zach and Stacey.  He and Kendra just had a little girl (3 weeks ago), Isabella (Bella).  They live in Tampa.  Alex and Tionna got married about 18 months after Nathan and Kendra.  They have 2 kids, Xander who is 3 and Eliana (Ellie) who is 3 months. They live in Manchester, NH.  My brother Nick is not married and doesn't have kids. 
Family history over.
The pictures!
Spencer wanted to hold Ellie and wanted a picture holding her.  She is 3 months old and 39% of Spencer's weight.  Oh, and the reason she is naked is because she has lived in New Hampshire for all 3 of her months of life and the Phoenix heat was really messing up her core temperature and making her cranky.
Then Xander insisted that Elliott sit on his lap, even though Elliott weighs 4 pounds more than his 8 months older cousin.

So Tionna and I think that Xander and Elliott look a lot alike, despite their very different body types.

And how funny is it that there is an Elliott and an Ellie?
We told Xander to move closer to Spencer.  He pulled both of them towards him.

Male bonding?  I don't think Elliott was too happy about it.

This is Alex, by the way.
Alex, Tionna, Xander and Ellie flew in to Phoenix from New Hampshire.  They used our house as a nice long pit stop on the way to Tucson where they are spending the week.  I'm also going to be staying with them overnight when I go to New Hampshire next month.
After they left we went to swim lessons, then had dinner, then Michael went in the pool with the kids.
Elliott has become very big on floating in the last 2 days.

They all looked like little fish lined up to say hello.

Then I decided that I was a famous photographer and tried to frame the perfect shot of the full moon.
I expect to make millions off of this.


Valerie said...

Ellie is almost too cute for words. She reminds me of my babies when they are little. Ha, I KNOW you will do comparison shots when they all see each other again and she's this lean little girl with blonde hair.

Sherry said...

I just love the family history and the cousin pictures! So cute but I did feel sorry for Ellie in a few of them. Haha! Also, Spencer looks very tan next to his much paler cousins. He must have inherited his skin tone from Michael. And yes, your shot of the moon is just perfection. ;-)

Cat said...

I think you did a good job with the kid pics. Your other pics are great too.