Monday, June 9, 2014


At the beginning of May I decided that the kids really needed to be signed up for a bunch of classes this summer.  Last summer we had our weekly schedule (splash pad on Monday, Bass Pro Shop on Tuesday, something awesome on Wednesday, Dorothy on Thursday and story time on Friday) and it worked really well, but I wanted even more structure for this summer.
There are two reasons for my decision.  #1. Elliott was watching way too much TV in the mornings when Spencer was at school and I didn't want to continue that trend.  #2.  I want Elliott to be really busy during the day so he is tired so that he naps well during the day and sleeps well at night. 
This is our class schedule for the month of June:
Spencer is taking a cooking class Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.  He also is doing tumbling on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and swim lessons Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening.  Elliott has an art class on Monday morning, a toddler class on Tuesday morning, tumbling on Tuesday and Wednesday (the same class as Spencer) and swim lessons Monday through Thursday.  I have them in different classes for July, so I'll update when that happens.
So far things are going nicely.  Elliott was a total jerk at his art class today, but he enjoyed himself last week.  Spencer is loving his cooking class, mostly because they are making delicious snacks to eat.  The tumbling class was a bit disorganized last week (the teachers are young and overwhelmed) but the kids still had fun. 
All of these pictures are from the first day of Elliott's art class a week ago on Monday.  Spencer has his cooking class at the same time, but it didn't start until Wednesday, so he came with us the first week.
First we got the paper wet.
Then we colored with chalk, dipped chalk in salt and dipped chalk in water and salt and colored with it.  Elliott was not a fan of the salt on his hands.

After the art class we went to the park to play for a bit.  And by "a bit" I mean we played for 20 minutes and then we were all roasted and had to leave for fear of heatstroke.
The park has a zip line and a swing zip line.  It's really hard to push a 2 year old in the swing zip line and take pictures of it at the same time. 

The little piggy bouncer was much easier to photograph.

I am definitely going to take a picture of Elliott in his first car and do a comparison collage with this pig.
Spencer spent most of his time playing on the zip line which explains why he is missing in all of these pictures.
Elliott got bored with the playground equipment and decided he was going to catch a bird.
He was really motivated.

But those pesky birds with their pesky wings kept flying away and he never did catch his bird.
Then we went home where Elliott took a hard core nap.  The plan is going well!
Later that afternoon he pooped on the floor.  There is a picture, but I will spare you.


Valerie said...

How do you keep all of this straight? You must have a really good planner. Sounds like you're having a wonderful summer!!! After this baby comes, we are making a huge change and I'm finding my dream job. West is definitely in the running. Wouldn't that be amazing?!?!?

Does this mean you're dipping your toes in potty training Elliott? How is that going?? Sigh.

Jeannette said...

I can't quite figure out what the point of the salt was in the art class? What happened when you combined chalk, water, and salt? I need to know. Don't make me actually try it with my kid.

I can't believe you played outside for a whole 20 minutes. I'm overheated thinking about it. That playground is really cool though. Probably worth the heatstroke.

Sherry said...

Wow, that is a lot of activities! I don't know how you will do it, but I definitely applaud you on the effort. Haha! It definitely sounds like a lot of fun. I want to take that cooking class and art class. And on another note, that park is AWESOME! I know it was hot, but I bet it is really great in the cooler evenings. Evan would love that zipline, and I love that it has a toddler swing attachment. We really need one of those here. Also, the pictures of Elliott chasing the bird are giving me flashbacks to Brody doing the same thing in D.C. this year. They are definitely "twins" just like us! :-)