Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine Crafting

I'm going to repeat myself for the millionth time and reiterate that I have been slammed with work.  I just finished doing my fifth, and last, "extra" day today.   As of today I am done doing all NINE evaluations that popped up in January.  Now I have to write eight evaluation reports and six IEPs, set up four meetings and attend eight meetings.  So, my extra work days are over, but the extra work is not.
I also, just randomly, started organizing my closet on Friday.  That turned into a huge weekend project, the end result being I have about 3,000 pounds of clothing to either sell or donate.  It's all piled on the couch if anyone wants to come over and pick through things.
Things got so busy that I didn't even take pictures the last three days.  That is unheard of in this house!
This is all I have to blog about.  After this I have to take new pictures to have new topics.
I got new pajamas last week.  I figure my kids always get new pajamas and I haven't had a new pair in, oh, ten years, so it was time.
Michael thinks they are ridiculous.  They are quite comfy though.
I didn't want to have to worry about Spencer's school Valentines this week, so we worked on them last week.
Elliott needed something to keep him busy while Spencer and I worked.  This was his first sticker craft.  He loved it.

The final project.
While Elliott was busy sticking it up, Spencer decorated his Valentine mailbox while I cut out all of his Valentines.

He is not a fan of the "less is more" concept.

Spencer liked these monster Valentines so we printed a bunch of them, cut them out, filled bags with M&Ms and used double sided tape to seal the bags with the Valentines.  It was as labor intensive as it sounds.
Spencer has 22 kids in his class but we made 32 so he can give them to his teachers (classroom, PE, music, etc).
Based on the amount of candy we had I figured out that each bag could get about an ounce of M&Ms.  We had two kinds- regular and cherry that we mixed together in a big bowl. We used a 1/4 measuring cup and filled it halfway for each bag.  Spencer scooped the candy, I filled the bag and then Spencer weighed each one individually. The bags ranged between .74 (poor kid) and 1.2 ounces (lucky kid).  The difference in weight is because the cherry M&Ms are (much) bigger than the regular M&Ms and if a bag happened to have several cherry ones it weighed a lot more even if it didn't have more candies.  It was a very good math lesson.
Once everything was done we weighed everything together.  The weight of the paper and the bags only added about 1.5 ounces to the weight of the candy.
The 6th was on Thursday and after we were done with the Valentines we took Spencer's monthly picture.  This was my idea- the shirt and the background.  I'm kind of proud of myself.

The official shot. 
It feels like we just barely did his golden birthday, but next month (when he is 6 years and 6 months old on the 6th!) will be halfway to 7.  Amazing.


Sherry said...

Awesome Valentine's crafts! I love Elliott's little determined looking face as he concentrates on his sticker art. And Spencer is quite crafty and creative. I can't seem to get Evan to put much time and effort into crafts these days. He just wants to rush through whatever task I give him so he can get back to playing. Sigh. We are going the easy route for Valentine's this year because Target had some great Valentine's in the $1 section with some cute lollipops we will attach to them. I think I need to try those cherry M&M's, but I would probably eat a whole big bag if I started. Ha!

Jeannette said...

Man, I miss being a kid at Valentine's Day, definitely one of the most fun days at school. Making the "mailbox", exchanging Valentine's, reading waaaay too much into what someone meant by "Be Mine" or "You're sweet". Ah, youth.

Cat said...

Cherry M&Ms? Really? I've not heard of those. Are they new?