Monday, February 3, 2014

Fun, Part 1

I have been really busy since the 2nd week of January.  I am *only* working one extra day a week, but that combined with two Art Masterpiece lessons, a trip to Tucson, doctors appointments, organizing stuff as part of my 2014 goals, regular life stuff and other normal activities has kept me on the go-go-go for a month now.
Luckily a lot of my busyness (I checked, that is a real word), has been fun.
I worked on Thursday.  All day.  That wasn't fun.  But after work I stopped by Carter's to pick up a new concert outfit for Spencer.  We wanted him to look like Twist.  

I couldn't find a yellow hooded sweatshirt, but the overall look had a "Twist" vibe.
He was very, very, very excited.

We went to dinner with Michael and Elliott before the show. 
Then we split up.  Michael and Elliott headed home and Spencer and I headed to the show.

The concert started at 6:30.  There was a short intermission at about 7:15 and the whole thing was done by 8:00.  It was definitely produced with preschoolers and young kids in mind.

I took a whole bunch of pictures, but they all pretty much look same so I won't show all of them.  They did all of our favorites, including "Here We Go", "Friends Give Friends A Hand", "Great Day", "Just Like A Rockstar" and "Bananas".  I'd definintely recommend it if they ever go on tour again.  I checked the website and they have about 4 shows left in California and then the tour is OVER.
Spencer got popcorn during intermission.
He used some of his Christmas money to buy a concert T-Shirt.  They didn't have his size, so we improvised.  This should last him until his 8th grade graduation.
We went through the drive through at McDonald's for an ice cream cone after we left the show but we were still home and Spencer was in bed by 9:00.
The next night, on Friday, Maryellen picked me up at 5:30 to head to Cynthia's birthday get-together.  She got there just as all hell broke loose.  Elliott had been turning the lights on and off.  This annoyed Spencer.  Spencer pusehd Elliott away from the light switch and told him no.  This ticked off Elliott who proceeded to pinch Spencer so hard he tore the skin open.  So, right when Maryellen arrived Elliott was screaming in his room where he was in time-out and Spencer was screaming in the bathroom as Michael cleaned him up.
Maryellen asked if everything was OK and if I could still go.  I grabbed my stuff, wished Michael good luck and said, "Let's get out of here." 
I didn't take very many pictures but we did get a few good shots of our little group.
Well, this one wasn't so good because we got photobombed by a dog.

We decided that this would be a perfect shot, except we were missing one person.
So Maryellen photoshopped Amy in.  Awe!
It looks like Lauren is behind the couch in the above pictures, but she is actually sitting behind us on the couch.  Once everyone else got up we took an awkward family photo shot.  I had to use picmonkey to lighten it because it was really, really dark.
Fun, Part 2 is coming up soon.  It includes all of our festivities on Saturday and Sunday.

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Sherry said...

Looks like you and Spencer had a fun "date" together. Evan has never been a big fan of the Fresh Beat Band so I haven't had the opportunity to see the show live. I love Spencer's awesome outfit and hairstyle. I try to get Evan to let me style his hair in a cool spiky way, and he gets mad at me and slicks it all back down and says he likes his hair neat. Sigh. His hair looks really good spiky because it actually shows off the depth of color better. I try to tell him that's the way the cool kids wear their hair, but he won't listen. Haha!