Monday, February 17, 2014

A weekend full of sugar

Michael took a vacation day on Valentine's Day specifically because I asked him to.  Forget flowers and chocolate, that's love right there. 
We started the day with a Winston discovery.  Spencer was so excited I think he almost cried.
Then we all opened our presents.

And the kids ate one chocolate from their heart boxes/Darth Vader boxes.
I made pancakes for breakfast.  I didn't have time to do heart shapes, but they did get pink and red sprinkles.
They also got chocolate syrup.

Then it was time for Spencer to head to school.
This is Spencer on Valentine's Day last year. 
He still fits in that shirt so we saw no reason to buy a new one. 

I took Spencer to school and before he went to his class we walked around and gave Valentines to the music teacher, PE teacher and nurse.  The librarian wasn't in the library.  Her loss.
Back at home Michael went to Golden Donut for donuts AND Dunkin Donuts for iced coffees.  See previous note about true love.
Then it was time for pictures with Elliott.
This is Elliott last year. 
He also still fit into his shirt so we used it again. 
I think it is insane that he can fit into 24 month, 2T, 3T and 4T clothes right now.  This onesie is 24 months.  It fit him perfectly.  The pants are 3T and they were tight.  I don't get it.

After pictures we went grocery shopping and then came back home for lunch, cuddles and Valentine books.

Spencer came home from school and we took pictures in the front yard.  I had to crop them in weird ways because of the address on the wreath.  Sorry.  I was too lazy to just edit them in picmonkey. 

Friday night we did nothing special.  I ended up falling asleep on the couch because Michael was watching the U of A game and it went into double overtime and then we lost.
On Saturday Joni had all of us girls over for a Coffee and Chocolate Valentine Party.  We ate lots of yummy treats, 
and made door hanger crafts.
That night I helped Michael get the kids into bed and then I went over to Maryellen's (along with Lauren) and we stayed there until 1:30 am drinking wine and laughing.
On Sunday we worked in the backyard for two hours trimming trees and putting lights up in one of the trees.  We also put lights up around the patio.
Then I cooked a lot of food because John and Maryellen were coming over for dinner.
Right before they got there we went into the front yard to take Elliott's 2 year-2 month pictures.

This is the official one.

Elliott started playing peek-a-boo when they pulled into the driveway.

We ate dinner outside so we could admire the beautiful lights on the tree.

It was a very fun filled weekend full of sugar, sugar and more sugar, sprinkled with a little more sugar.  My plan is to have 2 or 3 dinners "off" from my eating plan (one this week, one in early April and maybe {I haven't decided yet} one in mid-March) but other than those times I will be doing Whole 30 until Good Friday.  Hopefully that will undue the damage I did in the last three days.  Ha!


Michael said...

The lights look very nice. Great job!

Maryellen said...

Winston in February...that's awesome!! You guys have a really nice elf. Your little Valentines looked as adorable as always in their Valentine pictures. I love the idea of chocolate syrup on pancakes. Mmmmm!!!!