Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A house decorated for LOVE

I got the Valentine's day decorations out of the garage at the end of January.  As I started unpacking everything and laying stuff out on the table I was picturing where I had everything last year.  I couldn't remember anything.  It was weird.  I didn't have a single memory of anything.  I was starting to get a little worried about my early onset dementia when I checked the pictures from last year.  That's when I remembered that I didn't decorate last year because I was still too tired from moving and doing Christmas within a month of each other. 
So, this is our second Valentines Day in this house, but the first with decorations.  It was really fun putting everything out this year.
We got a new Snoopy flag for the front yard.  After our neighbors complimented me for always making the front yard look so cheerful and decorated for various holidays I feel like I have a certain standard to uphold.
A spinner hanging by the walkway to the front door.
This is hanging by the front door on the outside.
The inside of the front door.
Mirror in the entry way
It's really hard to take pictures of clings on a mirror.
Entry way table

Coat closet door
Entry way bench
Dining room 
Chandelier in dining room
 Left server in dining room
Right server in dining room.  I bought the little pink Love at Target for $1 at the beginning of January.  I felt ridiculous doing it.

Dining room table
Valentine tree
I bought two boxes of this garland when I was in Chicago in..........wait for this.........November might want to sit down...........2003.  I have never opened them.  I intended on using them for Christmas but they have been in a box of our Christmas stuff for 10 years.  And I'm serious.  I have never even taken the tape off the box.  When we put our Christmas stuff up this year I took them out of the box and added them to the Valentine's Day box.
I still don't know what to do with it, even for this holiday, so I took one of them and wrapped it around the base of the tree.  Any ideas for next year?  There is 10 feet of garland in each box.
The entry way from the hallway to the kitchen.  It says LOVE.
The pantry door.
The kitchen island.  There is candy from Halloween, Elliott's birthday and Christmas stockings in the candy dishes.
Kitchen cabinets
Kitchen table
Close up of the tablecloth
Chandelier above the kitchen table.  The only thing I did last year for decorations was to wrap this garland around this light the night before the 14th.
Entertainment center in family room
Fireplace mantel
And that's it! 
We'll probably leave everything up until the 21st or 22nd and then have no decorations for a week.  But come March 1st we are going all out with shamrocks, leprechauns, rainbows and gold coins.


Jeannette said...

I *LOVE* your Valentine's Day decorations. :)

The garland reminds me of those "floating gems" necklaces. Not that that helps you know what to do with it other than wrap it around your neck... looks a little sharp for that.

Cat said...

I love that you decorate for all the holidays. I just put up my St. Pat's decorations. I should blog about that and copy you. :)

Maryellen said...

Your home looks awesome!! My two favorites are the front table/nook area and the mantle.