Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Party 2013

Amy and Josh used to host a Halloween Party at their house every year.  At some point (not sure when) Shireen and Joseph joined in as co-hosts. 
Michael and I went in 2006 but didn't dress up.  We're pretty sure we got home around 2:00 am.  Oh to be so young and full of pep.  We skipped the party in 2007 because Spencer was just a wee little newborn.  In 2008 we left Spencer with my parents for 2 whole hours and Michael and I went as a butler and a maid.  There is, sadly, no post about it because I didn't start blogging until December of that year.  In 2009 Spencer came with us and we were the family in pajamas.  You can read the post about that party HERE.  In 2010 Michael was Goofy, I was Daisy Duck and Spencer was Mickey Mouse.  You can read the post about that party HERE.  You can also read a follow up post about everybody at the party wearing the same pig head HERE.  In 2011 Michael was Sir Topham Hat, I was a (pregnant and huge) railroad crossing sign and Spencer was Thomas the Train. Wanna read all about that party?  You can do that HERE.  I just read it and I have almost the exact, word for word description of the history of the parties as I have above.  Funny. 
Sadly, there was no party in 2012 because Josh and Amy were going through a divorce and Amy was busy preparing for her move back home to Indiana (which I still haven't gotten over).
This year I am happy to report that Joseph and Shireen bought a brand spanking new beautiful house last month and have brought back the Halloween party!
On Saturday afternoon, after Elliott didn't nap for 2 hours, I did a grueling 66 minute Bob Harper work-out, Michael did yardwork and Spencer watched cartoons, we got ready to go.
We asked our neighbors to come over to take our picture before we left.  I wanted to try one with Ginger.  It wasn't very successful.  She is wearing a cape, though.  Please note that.
The pictures minus the dog were much better.
Elliott even tried to fly.

In the entryway of the new house 

Gloria and her hubby were peanut butter and jelly 
John and Maryellen were a carrot and a bunny.  I have NEVER, EVER seen Elliott as scared as he was when he saw John.  He absolutely panicked and wrapped his legs so tight around me I almost fell over.
The host and hostess and mini host and hostess.
Shira and Ryan.
Since Joseph and Shireen just barely moved in it was also a housewarming party.  Elliott and I went shopping at Hobby Lobby (contain your shock) on Friday for a little gift.
I want one for myself!  There is also a little 2013 Christmas ornament hanging from the sign for their first Christmas in their new house.
The have a huge, huge, HUGE backyard.  It is 100% dirt right now, which did not keep the kids from having the time of their lives, so we were joking that every year at the Halloween party we can see how the landscaping has changed.

Me and Maryellen
We have 3 years worth of this picture now.  I think I'm going to put together an entire Fall comparison post after Halloween.  I have about 6,487 comparisons to do.
Brenda and Cliff
They were pretending they were an oreo.
We took this picture AFTER Joni and Brenda left because we are winners like that.
John was burning up in his carrot so he stripped down and then somehow ended up in Maryellen's costume.
We were anticipating Elliott losing it early on (reminder: he was on no nap) and causing an early departure for us, but he rallied and had a total blast.  He really did his best to keep up with the "big" kids.  He must have run about 7 miles around that backyard.  We were worried that he would fall asleep in the car on the way home and then it would be a nightmare waking him up and changing him so we brought his getting ready for bed stuff and gave him a bath at the party.  It was a good thing we did because he fell asleep about 1/2 way home and actually stayed asleep when I unbuckled him.  That is the first time I have EVER transferred a sleeping kid from the car to bed.  It was strange and scary and awesome.
It was a really good party.  We're already looking forward to next year.  Apparently we're going as Darth Vader (Spencer), Yoda (Elliott), Leia (me) and Luke or Chewbacca (Michael).  Spencer made that decision.


Tracy said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun! What a great party!!!

Maryellen said...

Great post!! The party was a lot of fun!!!! I can't wait to see you with the side buns next year!!

Sherry said...

I am sooo jealous. We have never done an adult halloween party (or even one where kids are invited too). We usually do get the kids together with their cousins and take pictures of them together in costumes before trick or treating but no party. I loved checking out the posts from the parties in the past, you and your friends have creative costumes! That John sounds like a character! I was so sad when I read about Josh and Amy as I know you were too. I hope they are doing okay, but I am sure you miss your friend. So glad the annual halloween party festivities were back in business this year!