Sunday, June 30, 2013

The last day of June

When Spencer and I started talking about summer vacation and what we wanted to do during June and July he mentioned he wanted to go to a water park with daddy and the movies with me.   Well, the water parks around here cost an arm and a leg and we're just not willing to spend that money ($50+) for a 5 year old that probably isn't tall enough to go on everything.  They're going to go to a baseball game instead.  But the movies we can do.  There are three weekends left before Spencer starts kindergarten so we decided we'd better do this movie date before we run out of time.
We've been slowly buying new school clothes and this is one of the new outfits.  Very fitting to wear to go see Monsters University.

I did blue and white stripes to match.
It was a really cute movie.  We both enjoyed it.
After the movies we went to Fresh and Easy to buy pizza dough.  Then we realized during dinner that we were almost out of milk.  I would normally just go to Fry's for a milk run but since I was going out anyway I thought I would take the opportunity to go to Walmart so that I could also buy a fan.  I want to put it in the bathroom so I can blast my face with circulating air when I do my make-up.  It's very hard (and pointless) to apply make-up when you are sweating as if you are sitting in a hot sauna.  Anyway walking from the fans to the milk we walked by the pajamas. The low tonight is going to be 87 degrees.  That definitely calls for new tank top jammies.
We did a catwalk photo shoot in the hallway.

Tomorrow is July.  Egads!


k and j said...

Couple of cuties! Love the Jammie's! Can't wait to see that movie :)))

Shireen Wahid said...

Cute pictures! You should check out Mesquite Grove aquatic center in chandler . I hear it's awesome! I haven't been, but we are going to check it out this summer. They have slides, a lazy river and an awesome looking splash pad. And I believe it is only $2.00!! Definitely better than $50+!