Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Trip: Day 5- Balboa park and back to Yuma

We wanted to start packing the night before we left San Diego. Spencer was sleeping so we built a little pillow wall next to him to block some of the light. This is after midnight so it counts as a picture for Day 5.

We needed an activity that didn't require showering after (no beach, no pool) so we went to Balboa Park. Spencer hasn't been able to play on the playground next to our house (too damn hot!) in over a month so he had a great time checking out all the outdoor activities. Michael had a good time too. After we finished at the playground we went to ride the train. And then a spin on the merry-go-round. Spencer and I both rode wild boars, although we called them piggies. We ate lunch in San Diego and then left to drive back to Yuma. We left San Diego right when Spencer's nap usually starts. We were hoping he might close his eyes and take a little tiny snooze on the way. Even 20 minutes would have been nice. This is him as we're leaving San Diego. And this is him almost 3 hours later as we roll into Yuma. Note the sleepy looking eyes. Any other child would have fallen asleep in the carseat. Not my boy. He was a nightmare for the rest of the day. He did have fun playing with the cabinets in the hotel room.

Bed time that night was 8 pm (which is on the early side for Spencer). He had no complaints about going to sleep. Note the difference, due to a 40 degree change in temperature, over the previous night's sleepwear.

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